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more surgery and CP

rockchick Member Posts: 2 Listener
edited April 2017 in Cerebral palsy
hi i have spastic cerebral palsey and my muscle tone and pain levels have detiorated  severely in the last fifteen years did the usual work/college / kids which i brought up alone without a thought and then i was told by my doctor that this was a result of surgery overuse of muscles and daily life i sometimes take up to thirteen pain killers a day before the pain subsides and have done physio nearly everyday for 30 years and yet today he has booked me an appointed for yet more and has mentioned surgery again which terrifies me i am terrified of anasthics and had three operations one when i was eight one when i was 12 and one when i was nineteen and even though he has said three is to many because it is so long ago he seems to think it might be more beneficial to have another op i would appreciate any advice or if anybody knows of any alternatives to surgery or physio therapy available on the nhs  thanks



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