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Strategies for dealing with aggressive difficult people

joannarashelle Member Posts: 135 Pioneering
Anyone got any advice on how to 'rise above' conflict or aggression? 
I teach troubled dogs everyday to become desensitised to it and not react but can't teach myself how to not let aggression affect me on a deep level? 
I know my autism plays a part in my obsessing about certain personality traits people have for example I get fearful and anxious around loud confrontational people, though can stand up for myself when necessary and am a confident soul but when faced with aggression even in subtle situations such as tail gating, pushing in queues etc, it really affects me and sometimes find myself re-enacting the even in my head, seeing if there was a way I could've avoided it or let it go over my head. 

Why do people seem so angry and aggressive nowadays? 

Or is it just my hyper sensitivity to people's moods.. ! 



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