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My Aspergers Diagnosis

bendigedig Community member Posts: 254 Pioneering
Just responding to a request in my email to comment on ASD.

My Aspergers diagnosis has done nothing for me.  In fact I'm fairly certain that it has been used against me to be frank.

"Used against me",  in the sense that societal predjudice is such that as soon as you are labelled you are instantly more of a target for predjudice.

Yeah yeah, I totally get how that doesnt apply to everybody but for me its been of no use if not worse.


  • Nystagmite
    Nystagmite Community member Posts: 596 Pioneering
    I've found the same. It just seemed to be "there's your diagnosis" and that was it. I needed the diagnosis because I need help. But my so-called support worker was just obsessed with getting me back into work. But how when I can't cope with noise or crowds of people? The "support worker" also thought it was ok to just give me 30 minutes notice for something and had the nerve to question whether I really do have ASD. I have it in writing and last time I checked, the guy who diagnosed me, is medically trained to do so. She's not.
  • bendigedig
    bendigedig Community member Posts: 254 Pioneering

    As far as institutional predjudice goes the UK tops the bill!  

    One size fits all!

    Predjudice!  The one major UK product designed to be dished out to all in the most equal way possible!


    I was functioning fine in work until I spoke out against our corrupt regime :(

    Then they crippled me.

    Turns out though I shouldve expected this as a Top MAFIOSA Journalist has just cited the UK as the most corrupt government in the world.

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 740 Listener
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  • bendigedig
    bendigedig Community member Posts: 254 Pioneering

    Is there a bad reason for being different?  We are all different for no reason at all my friend?

    I dont put anyone through my behaviour?  They can take it or leave it, as I do with the behaviour I experience in others.

    "god save the queen",  Is, in fact the National Anthem.  I find it offensive too, only for diferent reasons other than the mentioning of the word God.

    I am not mocking the name of God?  Nor am I mocking the name Jesus?

    I realy dont understand why you might think that I am?

    I am mocking the established order of the United Kingdom though, quite openly and for very good reason.  If anybody is offended let them say so....  If theyve got a good point And Im in the wrong then I will apologise.  Im nice like that.

    I have to put up with the OFFENSIVE words and actions of mNy people and it seems I have NO RIGHT to expect any apology. 

    I would just like to say though that the use of the word God as a noun in the English Language does not, nor indeed should it inspire any negative reaction from anybody?  The last time I checked there were many, many names for the "Abrahamic" God.  A God that Is shared by at least three of the worlds main religions.  None of which, by the way can lay claim to this god as "their own God".

    In much the same way....  If I have a relationship with a God then he or she is "my" god.  Not yours or anybody elses...  This is because we all have our own notion of a god or indeed for people in some religions, Gods.

    I respect ALL religions.... I do not discriminate nor do I make flesh of one or meat of another.  I acknowledge the existence of the Abrahamic God in much the same way as I acknowledge The Hindu Pantheon, The Sikh notion of God and with other faiths I acknowledge other people and or matters of religious and or spiritual importance the Buddha the, dream time, notions of a Sky Father, etc. 

    Having a belief in the Abrahamic God doesnt give anybody the right to tell another person when or when they can not use the term God.  This isnt just my opinion, unless I am very much mistaken this is a universally accepted fact amongst intelligent people?

    On the matter of being offended, Im not offended, but I do take exception however when sombody tells me what I can or can not say or what I can think or can not think.  If I want to quote "god save the queen" as an Ironic act of defiance, then who is to tell me that I can or can not do this?  You?  I dont think so!

    I have said nothing with the intention of causing offense.  Some people look for offense in much that is said when perhaps they should be looking for sense?

    It might be wiser of you to ask of your Nation why it is encouraged to sing a song (presumably to A God). Asking for its queen to be saved and or protected etc?  Wouldnt it be far better if we all asked God to save (save is a bit strong!  Maybe just support) the people that are trying hard to make the world a better place?  Not those who are trying to make themselves super rich at the same time famine is developing in Africa and the Middle East?

    Basically DannyMoore, I never brought God into this..... You did.

    I certainly never brought Jesus into this..... You did.

    If people were to be offended by my use of the word God whilst quoting "God save the Queen" then Im afraid that this would not only be wrong.  It would also be very inappropriate.  I am very considerate about everybodys feelings, especially good, nice people.  Thats what motivates me to speak out about injustice.....

    A lot of people pray to God and ask for a better world..... Well DannyMore, I dont pray.  I actually try and make the world a better place?  perhaps if we all tried to do that instead of only praying then maybe we might be a bit further forward?  Sure theres no harm in praying is there but after all isnt it true that the Lord helps those that helps themselves?

    Also on the matter of Jesus.  Do you see when he turned over the Tables of the money lenders in the Temple?  Do you think he gave a monkey about what anybody thought of him?  No, he didnt give a monkies.  Thats because he knew he was right.

    DannyMoore it is not my intention to offend you or anybody else for that matter.  Nor should you be offended at my desire to seek justice for us all!

    If you dont get it, thats fine....  Maybe its not for you.....   But for heavens sake dont look for offense where there isnt any.
  • joannarashelle
    joannarashelle Community member Posts: 135 Pioneering
    Diagnosis for something be it ASD or anything gives us the tools to help ourselves, to research to ask questions to give ourselves care and love and enable us to prepare more adequately for situations or events through out our lives which could hinder our well being; it gives us a chance to live our lives armed with more knowledge about ourselves which can surely only be a good thing 
  • bendigedig
    bendigedig Community member Posts: 254 Pioneering
    edited April 2017

    Im 43. I am married, I have an 11 year old son and a Mortgage.  I also have a cat to feed.

    Ive finnished my formal education I have College certificates and Diplomas, an Honours Degree in Science and Postgraduate study in Education.  (you should never say never but I dont think I could stomach going back for any more)

    Ive worked as a:-
    • Supermarket worker
    • A Plasterers mate
    • A fishmonger
    • An industrial Steel Packer
    • A paliative care worker
    • A countryside ranger
    • A college lecturer
    • A Secondary School Teacher
    Diagnosis for ASD (still not happy about this Disorder tag!) has and I dare say will do nothing for me other than turn societies perception of me into that of "somebody with a disability".

    I dont need a "toolbox" or "stratergies to cope",  Im fine with my view of the world.  I have already demonstrated that I can fit in when and where necerssary.  

    Everybodies situation is UNIQUE,  we are all UNIQUE!   It helps nobody not the individual or the society they belong to for people not to be treated as individuals.  I have been formulating this aproach to my life and my work for many years now.  Quite a few of those years whilst working as an SEN Teacher and Lecturer.

    Ive just been given a book to review by SCOPE.  "Aspertools" (Reitman. H. 2014). Im honestly so far quite suprised that an American worker has cottoned on to the same sort of thing that Ive been thinking and saying for years but to be honest, so far Im quite impressed by what Reitman has to say.  Its early days yet though and I'm going to reserve judgment untill completing the read.

    Look Joannarashelle,  Im here saying what Im saying for my own reasons.  I like to think that my motivations are honourable and that my actions are not without a considerable element of selflessness.

    I can PROMISE you...  None of what I say here is about self advancement and/or toeing the line to curry favour with our establishment..   You see the problem is not enough people are speaking out about things.....  This is largely because people lack knowledge and experience about what is actually going on around them.  They often cant see further than their own nose.

    For me being Aspergic has largely been about seeing the Emperors new clothes.

    Dont believe everything that you are told!  Figure things out for yourself.....  We are much more able to make sense of our world when we reject the lies and the nonsense pumped out by a corrupt morrally bankrupt regime that simply wishes to maintain subservience amongst the populace.

    Most of the NHS staff and associated support workers involved in "my" diagnosis agree with my perception of the current climate.  As do many thousands if not millions of others.

    There is more of a consensus that we live in a **** society that is slipping ever more into the mire than there is on the nuances of the Autistic Spectrum!  Why not then afford our wonderful Autistic minds the opportunity to get to grips with societies ills.  It isnt politics!   Its just wanting a better and fairer world for us all....surely everybody should be aspiring to that?

    A diagnosis means nothing!  What is the measure of one mans worth against another?  Irrespective of whether he/she is whole of body or of mind?  We are all equal in our individuality.  Simlar in our dissimilarities.  A diagnosis relating to the workings of an individuals mind simply serves to differentiate one person from another!  This is somewhat pointless, seeing as we are all unique anyway?

    The discipline of Taxonomy and classification is best left to museum Curators and Evolutionary Biologists.  As far as the Human being is concerned, the right to self determination should be sacrosanct surely?  Are we not the masters of our own minds?  Of course we must care for those who are vulnerable,  some lack the ability to cope in society and some appear to others to be so outlandish that society can not cope with the degree of difference displayed.  In those instances an individuals needs are oft times blatantly obvious!

    And yet those who percieve themselves as the least vulnerable, the strong, the wealthy and the powerful are the very people who are destroying our planet, killing us through war and badly concieved societal management resulting in poor education, poverty and famine.  Is the ruling class actually the most vulnerable of us all?  Like children they kill and maim without understanding for what they are doing?  Pulling legs of grasshoppers!  While they stack their collection of coins!

    I like to think about those with high functioning Autism and or Aspergers as being similar to MARVELS Xmen. Ha ha ha.  Like the Mutants or the INHUMANS we are "different" often plagued by societies rejection of us but often with hidden gifts that are not fully apreciated :)

    People with ASD need to SERIOUSLY rethink their perception of themselves.....  A broken society that accuses individuals of being broken because they don't fit in to "their" broken model?   Its so STUPID!   You couldn't make it up.

    Then some people want us all to wave flags and say HURRAY FOR AUTISM AWARENESS!  No no no..... This is ALL wrong.

    Its not just about Autism.  Its about everybody....  Its not about treating people with Autism correctly, its about treating everybody correctly.  Until we start treating everybody correctly we will consistently fail by flagging up "special interest groups" for a day or a week of the year devoted to printing leaflets and creating further unhelpful stereotypes about them.

    Why does such a thing as Autism awareness week exist?  Because society cant be arsed to be aware of Autism all year round THATS WHY!   Thats why all these self congratulating days and weeks of celebration exist for so many conditions etc.  Its not rocket science.....  Get rid of the mentality that has a special week for those who are percieved as less fortunate in the current stupid model and start a pocess of propper societal integration for EVERYBODY!  

    It isnt and never will be about cost,  its about will and thats what is desperately sad about us as a species.  Survival of the fittest in our current societal model equates to the survival of the Psychopath.  The people that govern us are feelingless, predatory, automatons with a self serving agenda.  Until we sort that problem out we cant really focus on anything else.
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 740 Listener
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  • bendigedig
    bendigedig Community member Posts: 254 Pioneering
    Yes @DannyMoore.  There are lots of people that dont want to make the world a fair place.  That really isnt important though is it because it is actually about consensus isnt it?

    Human rights are those that are idefatigable and sacrosanct.  They are universal in theircommonality.  Thats why we dont even have to discuss or even consider the dramatically small number of people on the planet who dont want equality for all!

    To even mention them is pointless.  You would be hard pressed to find anybody who would admit to such a ridiculous aspiration the promotion of inequality which is the antithesis of the good sense that calls for universal equality!

    Im afraid that you have a fundamental misconception about what it is to expect what you are due Dannymoore!

    In adition to the United Nations and all the "supposedly free nations" that subscribe to the notion of "HUMAN RIGHTS" there is a collective intelligensia within all the learned institutions of the globe that all celebrate the work of Great Philosophers and movers and shakers in our history who have defined what it is to be human and to clearly teach us how to behave as Human Beings.  Not all learning and life guidance comes from scripture!  Theres plenty to be learned there too though mind you.

    You are telling me about society......  Wel let me tell you....  The human condition is not simply about power abuse although this is a significant factor....  There is a long and glororious tradition of resistance to subjugation and the overthrow of tyranny..  Let me tell you that tradition is not one that comes from the likes of our MPs. It comes from the likes of you and I.

    As for the police!  What have they got to do with it...The police are simply there to uphold the Common law and exercise the enforcement of Statutes laid down upon common Law in Parliament.  her Majesties constabulary are just public servants.... Many of who are hard working decent individuals that hold dear the very same things that I am advocating.

    Like you say though there are bad eggs everywhere....  If we dont tollerate them though then they tend to rear there ugly heads far less.

    In the words of the Manic Street Preachers,  " if you tollerate this then your children will be next"....

    Ill tell you what mate "nobody will accuse me of being a guttless wonder"

    When I've had my 3 score and 10 I will know that I did all that I could and that I was not a part of the problem.  Or indeed a de facto part of the problem by virtue of being an apologist by saying "same as it ever was"

    Its all about your own expectations isnt it?

    In many ways, many of us will indeed get what we deserve if we sit idly by saying and doing NOTHING.  If we know wrong from right and we know we have at least some capability to make a difference in the world, shouldnt we try our best to do some good?  To effect some change?  No matter how insignificant we might feel?

    Alone we may be insignificant but together we are strong.


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