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M R limbo saga continues

Today i phoned the DWP, Wanted to know if any decision about my M R.
Been waiting a month now.
Went to Disability direct yesterday and filled appeal form out so if i get refused my M R, I can send forms off same day.
Not alot they can do till i hear back about there decision.

When i sent my M R in i concerntrated on my illness and how it effects me and extra medical evidence,I did not assassinate assessor.

I sent additional letters to DWP about that the guidlines as stated on Capita website and gov.uk were not followed
missing evidence not submitted by assessor
My assessment was not fit for purpose shows lack of care and attention when doing the report.
As assessor made up medication useage as in F2F managed to lose med list.
My report is like it belongs to 3 different people.
My original claim 2014 enhanced pip was for depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

In review i said nothing had changed but still went for F2F.
Got 2 dla and 4 mobility
so pip got stopped from march.

All the assessor kept saying i need is prompting for everything.
Even though i set fire as forgot tea towel was on top of cooker and went and sat down. My young daughter had to put fire out.
But thats ok in assessors eyes.

Cut long story short i went through what assessor said and then underneath said FACT then told them the truth.
The DWP today said they have not come to a decision yet but was told 2 days ago there was a note on system saying they are waiting to hear back from the assessment provider Capita.

Do you think that the C M has a brain and has not just rubberstamped my M R and is looking into my allegations of not fit for purpose PA4 and missing evidence?

I did also put official complaint in to Capita about this assessor and her awful report 2 weeks ago.

So unfair that these awful companys can tell so many lies and make you look like your a fraud and dont deserve any help from the state.




  • BenefitsTrainingCoBenefitsTrainingCo Member Posts: 2,692 Pioneering
    Hi sundontshine123,

    Unfortunately a month isn't a particularly long time to be waiting for an MR. I hope you get a response soon. It sounds like you did exactly the right thing in explaining where you disagreed with the assessor's report.

    You've also done the right thing in complaining about the medical and the assessor. 

    I think it's unlikely that as part of an MR the DWP would look into allegations as such, and I don't think this would be a good reason to hold up your MR result. I think the allegations should be passed on as appropriate and if you escalate your complaint or go to your MP, they should be mentioned. 

    Obviously it is important to show that the report is not valid in order to get the decision overturned. So if you do have to take it further it will be useful to point out why the report is not good evidence (for example, because it seems to concern more than one different claimant, and does not draw correct conclusions from your evidence).

    If you haven't already been to see your MP, then you might want to consider this so that they know what is going on and/or to help you with the potential appeal and complaint process.

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