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Once Upon a Time (History Cartoon)

bendigedig Member Posts: 254 Pioneering

Hi all,

As a boy I loved watching this Eurocentric History Cartoon.  I've  included a link showing the titles.  Dont be put off by how dated it is.  My wee man loves it.

I thought I would mention it as I recently rediscovered it with my 11yr old son.  He has Aspergers and one of his Special Interests is World History.

If you have a History buff in your Clan or you look after one.  This series of Cartoons can be found on Youtube.  Weve been watching them on a SMART tv. I'm loving it as much as my lad :)

When I first rediscovered it I welled up with tears 

1 Because as a kid I had loved it so much 
2 Because Tocato and fuge in D minor by JSB is the sound track to an amazing opening title that left me dumbstruck as a child and still does.

The series of Cartoons supported by a whole host of European Countries in 1978 (except Britain of course!  Typically absent from an excellent European collaborative project) was designed to provide a light hearted and entertaining insight into world history for the young mind.  It goes about this by using a dial of years animated in the top left hand corner with a narrator interjecting at key points in the main charecters life. Charecters that resurface and play out key points in the worlds History.

The snivelling little red haired character is probably my favourite.  I think in later life he became either Skeletor or a Conservative Parlimentary Under Secretary.

The other Characters are great too.  Its good fun to watch them traverse the corridors of time in a goofy 70s Euro Animation :)

I recomend this to any and all kids but particularly those with an Aspergers History obsession and those who are in their 40s nostalgically recalling lying on the carpet in the School holidays watching the morning telly for kids :)

I think the creators/owners have a load more stuff on their Youtube channel.  Im looking forward to seeing what the rest of it is like.  Amongst other things there seems to be a series on the human body too.  Well worth a look at "Once Upon a time" only though :)


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