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Insufficient information in 'Guidance Notes' for successful PIP application...

UKDJ Community member Posts: 140 Pioneering
Does anyone else think that the information given in the PIP Guidance Notes is deliberately incomplete and vague?
Most of the questions - in particular, the 'Moving around' questions - simply ask, "Can you...(do whatever task)?" . It is not until you dig deeper (online), to find a more detailed description of the qualifying criteria, that you come across the phrase "...Reliably, in a timely fashion, repeatedly and safely"!!!
Nowhere is this mentioned, in any information supplied by the DWP, during the application process!

Would this deliberate withholding of key information 
by the DWP, for a successful application, constitute grounds for an appeal?
Whilst it is not the only grounds I am considering for my appeal, I believe it is significant...!


  • johnny100
    johnny100 Community member Posts: 125 Pioneering
    It is not very clear on all the questions asked.All you can do is write exaclty how you feel on all the tasks.It is best to take eack question seperately.Start with the preparing meals,what problems do you have with this,example do you have any problems with fingers,wrist etc,do you find standing painful ,do   you get help with preparing food,do you get dizzy.When you have prepared the food who put any pans etc onto cooker.Do you find lifting pans with water and your vegetable in heavy.Who lift the pans off the cooker,is there a chance you may burn yourself etc.once this question is answered do not do any more for a few hours,then move onto next question.I think 2 questions a day is enough.You will find that you mull over the questions you have done,we all do that.Leave 2 more questions till another day and so on        
  • UKDJ
    UKDJ Community member Posts: 140 Pioneering
    Thanks johnny100 - Unfortunately, I'm well past the completing the questionnaire stage!
    I've submitted my Mandatory Consideration request but didn't discover all the help and advice from others that is out there until it was too late!!! Guess all I can do is get better prepared for the appeal stage?
  • wildlife
    wildlife Community member Posts: 1,293 Pioneering
    Hi @UKDJ, I agree, I knew nothing of this when filling in the claim form. I also don't remember anything about needing someone with you on a journey due to sensory problems. It was accepted at my assessment and by the DMs that I suffer with Occular Migraines with loss of vision so would need someone to help me get to a place of safety and home safely. Public transport would be out of the question but if you don't spell it out to them they won't look for any reason why you can't do something.
  • UKDJ
    UKDJ Community member Posts: 140 Pioneering
    If our psychopathic Government thought more about what they are trying to achieve (saving money) and gave people the information they need to make a fair and honest application, they would avoid most of the costs they are now facing... So far, this shambles has cost the Government £150million MORE than the cost of DLA, etc!!!
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