train facares

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me & friend   went out  for   A  Evening   in  Brighton    cost  of  was £20 returned   have A Disability Rail card  which gives me a third of  the of the price    bustme&  my friend  was over charged  i did A checked wih national rail enquiries   of the ticket should  have been £ 15 with  my didsability card   why  to  train companies  over  disability  passenger


  • Alex
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    Did you buy them from the ticket desk? Have you kept the tickets? 

    Maybe they didn't apply the discount.

  • Nystagmite
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    How far in advance did you book the ticket?
  • Mol
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    Hello Sedley, where did you buy your ticket? if you are travelling at the weekend the rail company do a super off peak ticket. This ticket is cheap so other discounts do not apply. Please check which ticket you bought. Also if you still have the old tickets go online to the rail companies website and email customer services who can look into it for you.