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Hello everyone I'm 45Yrs old & was diagnosed with Fibromylagia last year I have really low days sometimes & feel alonexx


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    Hi @Angeleyes456 welcome to the community! I'm sorry you are feeling so alone, this is a lovely and caring community and I hope you will meet other members and feel less isolated.

    You might like to look through the Invisible Impairments category.
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    Hi Angekeyes456 I have Fibromyalga as well on top of rheumatoid and patio arthritis so know how you feel. Don't let it beat you, the trick is being boss over it not letting it get the better of you. I hope you get to grips with it soon as you won't feel low so often.
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    I have fibromyalgia aswell as border line personality disorder bordering on the phycosis but you have to keep fighting. It's hard especially when people look at you like your putting it on and it's not that bad but this has knocked me sideways but I only got diognosed in January so it's still new to me but I thought it was just in my head but when I finally got diognosed I felt relief knowing It wasn't in my head n it was real what I was going through but others aren't as good about it sick of people saying pull your self out of it carnt be that bad . Well it is so help me and don't judge