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Growing and weight gain

karategirl Member Posts: 13 Listener
Our 20month old son who has pvl isnt really putting much weight on from march he was 8.3 to now being 8.7. He isnt growing much either and is 76cm. Now he doesnt know if he is hungry or when he his full. He eats alot but does constantly has loose stools, we have been waiting on a dietician appointment for over a month now and still waiting but feel they wont really do anything as hr looks healthy. We are back at the hospital in may and was just wondering if anyone else has similar and if i need to be asking them to look at anything else. I do understland that cp they do work alot harder and so will burn off more calories.


  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,673 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @karategirl Im sorry you havent had a response to this yet, how are you getting on?  How was your hospital appointment?
    Senior online community officer
  • KirstenNutritionAdvisor
    KirstenNutritionAdvisor Member Posts: 53 Courageous
    Sorry for the delayed response, it's quite difficult to question to answer, without knowing more details, such as what is he eating when he eats because a lot of low density food will fill him up but may mean he's meeting his calories. 
    How often is he eating, is he still being breastfed or formula fed.
    what is his percentile? Has this dropped or is it staying the same?
    without knowing his head circumference I couldn't work it out. 
    Keep giving him a balanced diet of healthy fats think avocados, fish, eggs, slow release carbohydrates such as oats, rice as whole grains and healthy lean proteins such as chicken, turkey, pulses and lentil  and having enough liquids. 


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