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Hi, my name is pdb666!

pdb666 Member Posts: 1 Listener
I'm disabled I had 2hands operated on by a Pakistan paramedic it turned out he wasn't a surgeon consultant,,the hospital James pageant,done me in compensation with the 3 year  rule must put a claim in within that time scale they didn't tell me to after the 3 years having had 2 op that was messed up,for 9 years I had crippled hands I finally got a surgeon a professor in Huntingdon he straightened my hands still in pain 24/7,I have epilepsy,diabetes,type 2,fibremyalger,arthritis in all joints,now think I got m-s?also got  at asbestosis? But it's plural plaques on lining of stomach long as it don't moves on to lungs I'm ok otherwise I'm dead! I been fit all my life if you  to look at me you would instantly think there was nothing wrong hence why I never judge ppl!,apart from that I'm as fit as can be,I'm a fighter not a quitter,now welcome all you lovely ppl I'm also happy and quite a comedian 24/7 nothing gets me down nothing my doctor tells me she looks forward to seeing me because I cheer her up no matter what bad news she gives I just tell a joke and laugh,because I can't change it so what ever happens,happens all for a reason I behave!so if anyone got a magic wand start waving it ppl lol or feeling down always remember there's always someone worse off,so cheer up you can't change it! I'm on morphine patches that's wonderful ask your doctor if in a lot of pain!


  • iza
    iza Member, Community Co-Production Group Posts: 590 Pioneering
    Hi  @pdb666, welcome to community, I hope you will sort your all medical queries and the Dr's cases. Yes it is good to be brave, optimistic fighter, worrier and stand up for yourself. it is brilliant that you can fins a strength to laugh to. 
    Optimistic people take on the board better bas news than pessimist and cope better with related stress. 
    I do not know if I am allowed here to ask about the morphine patches you mentioning about. Recently I saw adverb on FB as sponsored post were they stated have brilliant it is. As with all medical adverbs we need to be careful in what we believe to what is advertise could you please let me know for how long you are using them, how effective their are in reducing pain, how often you change they and what side effects you have. 
    As morphine in general given as medication is very addictive to patients and they find that lather they cannot leave with it at all please share your experience over al. 
    Enjoy the bank holiday extended weekend. 

    Have a great time. 



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