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Hi, my name is Justme1!

Justme1 Community member Posts: 2 Listener
Good night from Melbourne Australia ! Wishing all a great day ! Thank you for the invitation to your Scope Page .
Regards from Donna ( my labrador ) , Oskar ( my cat ) and of course Justme1 


  • Alex
    Alex Posts: 1,304 Pioneering
    Hi Justme1!

    Welcome to the community! Or as you're down under...

     ¡ʎʇᴉunɯɯoɔ ǝɥʇ oʇ ǝɯoɔlǝM


  • Justme1
    Justme1 Community member Posts: 2 Listener
    Thank you Alex . My name is Andrew Klein ( I have no idea why it would not accept that as a user name ). I am involved with disability in an challenging way as it impacts on members of the Community that I serve and live with . I did spent my own time in a wheelchair after injuries on duty and live with pain and spasticity , but I manage those . I have to laugh though because the experts at the time insisted that I was a paraplegic and my desire to walk again was delusional. So here I am , down under ( trying not to fall off and out if gravity fails ) . I am also an ordained Reverend for Outreach Ministries Victoria Tasmania ( part of the Benedictine Order of the Holy Spirit ( Old Catholic Fellowship Church International ) which is an all inclusive Church . Our motto here is " to reach out to all in need " . I also write short stories , poetry and apply my language skills and feet to advocating for human rights matters ,my community are the homeless ( mostly around the Melbourne CBD ) but that extends out into the suburbs . Disability and homelessness present the individual with some serious challenges to overcome and most established service providers and the government are often incapable or unwilling to acknowledge the depth of the impact of cognitive or physical impairment that the homeless experience. Being ripped off is not unusual. I have a private page of Facebook - simply with my own views and opinions . Having lived all over the world , and yes , I did spend a short time in the UK , I have an all embracing view of the world ! I have faith that where people get to know one another as people and dispel the mythology of the other ( be that disability , race , gender or any other label) we all have much more in common than that which separates us. Social media is an excellent tool for breaking down stereo types and even more , it is a valuable tool for those that are isolated for a whole complex set of reasons . I looked at this page after receiving an invitation to like and join it and discovered how much it offers to those that have to cope with disability . Information , shared experiences and making ones way through complex structures of governance does present a serious challenge . I could easily imagine how valuable your model here could be to those facing homelessness and housing insecurity . ( we have a crisis in Australia ) which in todays parlance is called an 'issue' ! I also have long hair , and below is a screen shot of me addessing the Melbourne City Council regarding to proposed changes to By Laws that would impact very badly on the homeless community . I do not wear the jacket often , but as my office is in my pocket and I mingle with people living rough , turning up in formal dress is not appreciated . The context of 'Chaplains ' serving the community here in Australia , Melbourne and the state of Victoria has to be seen in the context of revelations in Royal Commissions exposing all manner of abuses committed by those that the community trusted . Those actions , the legacy of men and women that made the children suffer still reveberates in the community . So building trust , standing with those suffering , not pontificating from a comfy chair makes a difference . A sense of humor goes a long way , and there are times when I am asked to look into matters that impact on my community i.e. the photo of me at the Rosebud Beach and foreshore , carefully witnessing that which was happening to the community facing a cold winter after having been placed in tents with any other comforts ( ie gets involved here ). I also read books when I have time , have an interest in the arts and like most blokes ( australian sland for a woman ) , I am thinking about finding a sheila ( another slang for women ) to spend time with . But I leave that up fate , she'd have to have a good sense of humour to put up with me ! That is my labrador Donna , who joins me on the streets and is welcome in Court Buildings, the Lord Mayors Town Hall and anywhere else a trained serving dog is required . ( all images showing others were taken with consent ). I enjoy discussing the arts , good writing and am easy going in most ways ! So this is just one facet of my life ! Cheers from Melbourne and thank you for your kind welcome ! Regards to you and yours , Justme1 aka Andrew Klein . cet of me and I hope that you find it interesting ! I provide so much information at one time , not to flood peoples brains , but simply because right now I have the time . I have commitments for tonight , and with what I do - flexible adaption to time is essential ! Thank you for your kind welcome Alex. Cheers from down under , Justme1 aka Andrew Klein 

  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,665 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Justme1 welcome to the community!  :)
    Senior online community officer
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