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Resignation or Long Term Sick Leave?

I started a new job two months ago and it’s just not suitable for me. The job is way above my professional abilities & I feel as though I have made a mistake taking this job. The caseload is far too much for me. I’ve made a few mistakes & had a couple of formal complaints put in against me as I forget to complete things as the work load is too much. I don't get my lunch & I am expected to stay late to complete work. My boss pulls me up on a daily basis for things I have done wrong & she is concerned I am not at an appropriate level for my grade of work.
My health is suffering as I can’t take my meds on an empty stomach so have to miss my meds at lunch. I'm physically exhausted after working late & can't cook for myself as I get a tremor when I’m tired. I’m living off crisps and Jaffa Cakes for dinner this week. I’m so stressed I’m having nightmares about work & this is making me very tired the next day.
My family want me to resign but I’m concerned I won’t be able to get benefits. I do intend to get a new job asap but may need to claim JSA to tide me money wise until I get a job. Would I be better getting signed off sick? Can I apply for other jobs whilst off sick? I need to keep my current employer on my side as I need a reference although I’m not sure how good the reference would be.
Would it look worse on my CV to leave a job due to ill health or resignation after a short period of time?


  • basiclee08
    basiclee08 Member Posts: 66 Courageous
    HELLO Velvet girl 
    I as a outside reading your post am more worried about your health. Have you talked with your line manager to see if caseload could be reduced?. tremors because you pushed yourself psychically and mentally Not Good.Definitely talk to a benefits adviser asap.  C.v's can be worked around least problem. no employer can give a bad reference,only thing they can do is say wouldn't re employ you..hope you get sorted and hoping for a suitable resolution for you.

  • Markmywords
    Markmywords Member Posts: 419 Pioneering
    Hello @the_velvet_girl ,

    Your situation sounds awful. If you don't deal with it though then your health problems will take your options away.

    Resigning would have to be a last resort for the reasons you are aware of. You can apply for jobs at any time you wish no matter the circumstances though.

    Could you ask your employer to let you go by mutual agreement? It is very unlikely that they would be so unprofessional as to put any details on a reference. The worst it could be is a bare statement of employment facts.

    Your CV could say "left by agreement due to the duties not resulting in a good match for my skill set."
    Mentioning ill-health on a CV would be rather unwise.

    Good luck.
  • the_velvet_girl
    the_velvet_girl Member Posts: 107 Courageous
    I've said I feel my caseload is too much to my boss. She is aware I am working flat out to manage it & that I'm doing my best but this is the caseload expected of someone working at my level and she doesn't have the staff or the resources to reduce it any. She has said in retrospect she would have employed someone with more experience. There are no opportunities to be moved to a job with less responsibilities at present.
    My boss has said she may have to start disciplinary actions as I'm not managing but doesn't want to as she is aware how hard I'm trying to get the work done.
  • BeccaH
    BeccaH Member Posts: 7 Listener
    Hi Velvet Girl, 
    I understand your problems completely, I'm guessing you haven't told anyone about your condition? and there is a lack of support because nobody knows why you are struggling with things that Joe Bloggs at the next desk can do? I am in a similar situation and feel like it has gone past the point of no return..I'm probably a few years ahead of you in realising this and had just had a complete meltdown at work as there are things I cannot do and never will be able to do. It was terrible..It affected a customer and the police where called..the poor customer just wanted a CBT book! To some it looks like I had some sort of breakdown, but I and others are starting to realise I don't have the cognitive abilities, It is possibly going to cause severe problems..I have just been to the GP and made a self referral to mind matters. Maybe you could take some time out on mental health grounds?
  • the_velvet_girl
    the_velvet_girl Member Posts: 107 Courageous
    My work know about my condition but haven't provided much training since I started. I've got a meeting with my boss next week & I'm going to say I'm going to have to leave unless I get some of caseload & pressure taking off me asap. I've got a GP appointment in a few weeks time & if things don't improve I'm going to request to be signed off work sick. Has your boss offered you any help to return to work?
  • BeccaH
    BeccaH Member Posts: 7 Listener
    I'm only just realising the effect the condition has on my brain, as of this week! There are lots of triggers for me to have what looks like a breakdown, but it is because my brain can't cope with aspects of the job. Take some time if you become too exhausted it may cause further problems for you at work. If you are signed off it will give you time to think and rest.x
  • beverlybeier
    beverlybeier Member Posts: 1 Listener
    as you have only worked there for a couple of months or so are you still on a probation period if so you resigning should have no bearing on you claiming benefit. are you now in a full UC area?
  • Pippa_Alumni
    Pippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,793 Disability Gamechanger
    Welcome to the community, @beverlybeier! It's great to have you here.

    The above thread is quite old and so there may not be a response, however you may be interested in our other community ESA discussions here.
  • the_velvet_girl
    the_velvet_girl Member Posts: 107 Courageous
    I spoke to my boss and she did give me some additional supervision for a short period of time but I failed my probation period in the end. In hindsight, I wish I had resigned in May last year rather than battling on.


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