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Anxiety online support for teens during exam time

Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,676 Disability Gamechanger
Hi Becky,

Thanks so much for joining us as our new Mental Health advisor.

I was just wondering if you had any links for teens struggling with anxiety, especially during this GCSE time?  Are there any sites you would recommend for the kids themselves to have a look at?
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  • RebeccaMHadvisor
    RebeccaMHadvisor Member Posts: 99 Courageous

    Hi @Sam_Scope

    Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of the community!

    Stress and anxiety can have a detrimental effect on performance when it comes to exams. It can cause forgetfulness which is the last thing you need in the middle of an exam! As exams draw nearer it’s really important for young people to look after themselves. Here are a few tips to deal with exam stress -

    Your brain won’t be at it’s best if you are tired so try and get a good night's sleep. Sacrificing sleep for extra revision time might have the opposite effect than you desire.

    Eat well! Your brain and body need fuel so that you can concentrate. Make sure you have breakfast the morning of your exam.

    Learn to relax. Easier said than done, I know. But learning to relax by breathing deeply and taking a few quiet moments before going into your exam will help you gather your thoughts.

    There are some really good websites out there that give helpful tips and techniques on coping with exam stress. ChildLine have produced a guide for beating exam stress and the BBC website will help you to spot the signs that you are stressed. The NHS gives some great advice for parents to help their children who will be taking exams and student minds is the UK’s student mental health charity. Their aim is to  empower students with the knowledge, confidence and skills to look after their own mental health and support others. Although their aim is to support students who are part of the University network they do have a great section on exam stress.

    Try to remember, there is life after exams, I promise.
  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,676 Disability Gamechanger
    Thanks @RebeccaMHadvisor  That's fab! :)
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