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Husbands carer, his ESA "fit for work" assessment, scared,,desperate & alone.

Deb67 Member Posts: 1 Listener
Hi everyone, I am new here, I'm desperate for some reliable information. I am my husband's carer since his throat cancer diagnosis in 2010. Happily we got through that and he's now clear but the person he was before that no longer exists. He has claimed ESA(we're in the support group) since then. At the end of last year he successfully moved over from DLA to PIP. Scoring so high he was awarded the mobility part of PIP where he hadn't previously Then we received the dreaded ESA form I struggled through it and sent it away, yesterday we received a call telling him he needed to attend an assessment, he tried to explain he doesn't leave the house due to how he is .His problems are partly physical and mental. This person then continued to try to bully him into attending, he completely shut down and handed me the phone. I don't want to make this post into an entire book so I won't go into all the details but I have mental health and physical problems which I'm dealing with as well as trying to care for my husband. Why does he have to have yet another assessment when he's only  just had the stress of the one for the PIP, at least that one was done at home. The call yesterday told me he has until next Thursday(18th)  to get his doctor to fax them with the recommendation a home visit be done and why. Problem is we can't get an appointment with a doctor till the 16th & that's going to be to late. I've tried explaining it's important we see a GP. Even then I haven't the strength to go through the strain of convincing my husband he has to go to the surgery or if the GP will agree he needs the home visit ..if he doesn't then what?? Can they refuse the home visit. I don't get how they can justify another assessment when he was awarded the PIP. I don't feel I can cope with this on top of all the other things.  Ive never felt so alone & afraid and if it's even worth continuing with life.


  • Matilda
    Matilda Member Posts: 2,590 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Deb67

    Sorry to hear that you are so stressed.  ESA and PIP are monstrous arrangements.  I know it's not easy but try to stay strong and don't let the system (using a polite term) get you down.

    Could you get a telephone consultation with your GP and explain the problem?

    You could also phone the Scope Helpline for advice (details at the top of this page).
  • wildlife
    wildlife Member Posts: 1,293 Pioneering
    edited May 2017
    @Deb67 I feel for you in this situation. Have you checked his original ESA award to see if a review is due? What was the timescale on the decision letter? Is it the assessment company who are treating you so badly? I can only suggest a few things you might try and see if it helps. Firstly does your husband have a sympathetic GP who knows he cannot leave the house even to go to see him? If so I would ring the surgery and ask if the Doctor would send ATOS/CAPITA whoever is hassling you a fax without seeing your husband to say he needs a home assessment. Other things I suggest would be to ring ATOS and ask to speak to someone in authority to sort this out. You could also call DWP and ask them to get the assessment company to stop putting pressure on you both. Again ask for a senior person to speak to you. They may want to call you back. The decisions about whether a f2f is necessary lies with the assessment company but the recent PIP award should be taken into account. You could also make a formal complaint about the call you had but take the name next time of whoever you speak to and record the date and time so the call can be investigated. Also you could contact your MP for help. Stand your ground and don't let them treat you like this.. 
  • debbief67
    debbief67 Member Posts: 1 Listener
    Thank you for the replies I really appreciate it .Id never thought about asking for the telephone consultation with the GP so I will see if I can get one sorted tomorrow.
  • SeanRyan
    SeanRyan Member Posts: 66 Connected
    If you have any problems I know we are in the middle of yet another election but contact your local m p and make them aware of the situation. That can often help in the long run. Dont give up I know I have been through it twice and have now got to go again. I have MS an incurable permanent disease. When I spoke to them on the phone last time. Oh sorry to hear that get well soon. The system is designed to grind you down and make you give up. Dont let them win. I am with you all the way as are everyone in the country living on the bread line, disabled and being treated like idiots. By IDIOTS ! 


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