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Pip mandatory reconsideration paper

dan20ddfdan20ddf Member Posts: 39 Connected
edited May 2017 in PIP, DLA and AA
Hi if dwp have made mistake the decision maker specified in her letter that she wasn't sure which part of the decision was meant to be looked at again but they had received my personal letter which perfectly stated about looking at my mobility component does this put me in chance for appeal or will 're look it again with letter as they had received it as I phone them up today but it hasn't been stated in the letter that decision


  • izaiza Member Posts: 471 Pioneering
    edited May 2017
    Hi @dan20ddf
    I will ask here @BenefitsTrainingCo to gel you on the aspect. 
    I think you should write again to them to let them know that they did not address to correct part. I always underline to which point I do refer and on which page it was. Make easy for me and make clear for the others that their exactly need to respond to correct sentence. 
    Those days all the gov office like to play around to frustrate people so they nerves sister melt and they did not find power to continue on fighting for the rights. 
    From my perspective it is psychological game to decrease people who would request appeals. 
    I think I am write in my opinion. 
    I would in the meantime go to law centre or if you prefer MP (I do to believe in them as I do not see them in POWER).
    Your choice. 
    But you need to stand up for yourself and put thing rights. 

    Have a great day. 

  • BenefitsTrainingCoBenefitsTrainingCo Member Posts: 2,692 Pioneering
    edited May 2017
    Hi @dan20ddf
    Am I right in thinking you have received a Mandatory Reconsideration Notice (MRN)? This is a letter which says the DWP have looked at your PIP decision again.
    If you have received this and the Decision Maker has not taken into consideration that you asked for the mobility component to be looked at again, then you should make sure this is mentioned on your appeal form (an SSCS1 form - see link below).
    You will not be able to ask the DWP to reconsider the reconsideration (hope this makes sense!) The only way you can ask the DWP to look at the decision for another time after they have issued a Mandatory Reconsideration Notice is by appealing. You should have been sent 2 copies of the MRN. This is so that you can include one copy with the SSCS1 form. This has to be done for the appeal to be accepted.
    You should mention on the appeal form that you sent in a letter to the DWP to ask them to consider your mobility needs again, and that you know that they have this because you phoned up to check (include the date you phoned and which 'contact centre' you spoke to if you have a note of this anywhere).
    Unfortunately I see a lot of MRN letters which are obviously template letters that the DWP copy and paste responses into. This could be why they failed to mention in their letter that you had asked for your mobility needs to be considered again.
    I advise that you contact a local advice service to get face to face advice about your appeal so that they can help you with the process. The SCOPE helpline can put you in contact with a local advice service.

    Good luck,

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