Hi, my name is coyotejames!

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hi my names jmes i have fibromyalgia. pots, vasovagal syncope, chronic pain and im a electric wheelchair user. i currently live in london and i craft making dog coats and pet accessories which i put on conscious crafties website its where disabled people support each other and craft at same time. i have a emotional support cat called aurelia and i would be lost without her. im 41 


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    Welcome to the community @coyotejames :)

    I havent heard of Conscious Crafties before, I just took a look, what a brilliant site! 

    My name is Sam and I look after the community here for Scope, I am 35 and I have IBD and a permanent ostomy.  I have two dogs, but my little chihuahua is my constant companion and though he isnt officially my support pet, he is my little champ and always knows when Im struggling.

    I hope you enjoy using the community here, take a look around, jump in, get chatting and if you have any questions, just let us know!
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