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Sleep solutions sleep trial

hey everyone it's my first time posting I have a LG who is 12 she has ADHD and ASD amount other things. She doesn't sleep very well so we were referred to sleep solutions for the second time. We have tried everything the sleep solutions person said that my LG has parasomnia (sp) and severe delayed sleep cycle she said that she is going to take my LG case to her team meeting next month because she would like to put her on a sleep trial she said that it has to go through the team meeting because it's what the call a double red drug not sure what to expect has any one else had a similar experience? My LG doesn't go to sleep until approx 2am then she is up at 3am with these parasomnia episodes and she can't be left unattended during this time as she does really dangerous things and you can't wake her up from it because she becomes really violent. So at this point I'm willing to try anything.


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    Thanks for replying Danny Moore we already do all that we have tried warm baths with bedtime bath in it. Sleep inducing foods. Cutting out her last dose of mediket. No screens after 5pm warm milky drinks only after 5pm quiet activities like colouring jigsaws etc for the evening and as soon as we say bedtime at 8.30pm we have eruptions complete meltdown which then wakes the toddler. She will then rant around her room before settling down to doing whatever in her room if she has managed to sneak things up to occupy herself she does that and if she hasn't she will do things like rearranging her wardrobe unravelling a wool jumper rearranging her furniture to turn her room into an assault course. Ugh it's never ending she will finally quit it at about 2 am before getting up at approx 3 am sleepwalking 
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    Hi there I have MS and suffer with my sleep as well nowhere near as bad but I know kind of what your going through, I wish you all the best for the sleep trials, I have to go to sleep clinic to get an Oximeter next month on the second and wear that for a couple of nights. No idea what thats for. With you both all the way. All the Best Laugh every day . He as happy as you can
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