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First bit of evidence

aries Member Posts: 46 Connected
edited May 2017 in PIP, DLA, and AA
Hi all, 
I'm not sure if you have read my other posts?
But long story short. Suffer physical and mental disabilities.
PIP stopped?
Assessor told lies and ignored key facts during assessment. 
Main one she was told twice I had been a victim of domestic violence. 
After contacting Women's Aid I now know from research completed in America and Britain that I am/have PTSD. It has taken this process of researching why I feel this way all my symptoms are exactly what I face everyday. (Please if you get a chance look it up it relates to traumatic events in your life, Domestic Violence soldiers and veterans have gone to great lengths for this diagnosis to be recognised.)
so at times I feel like Poo and life looks like poo since all this has happened.....even more so but I really have got to celebrate this process and what it has done for me!!!!  I always skipped the fact that domestic violence had been linked to PTSD but never really looked into it....but as I said this has made me look into every aspect of why I am who I am today now,
cheers everyone good vibes 


  • Ajk110
    Ajk110 Member Posts: 47
    Hi @aries it's great that you have started to find some answers. Sometimes it can take something like this for things to click in to place and for us to understand ourselves better. Very best of luck and keep posting wherever you need support and encouragement.
  • aries
    aries Member Posts: 46 Connected
    Thank you for the comment.....I've researched so much about my conditions and as you say it all fell into place. It's difficult to stay positive as my dizzy spells have increased and I have had to use my spray under my tongue much more. I do think it's down to stress. I'm still angry that they totally disregarded my heart disease and angina. But as you say the fight goes on. 
    I hope that you will let me know your story an I wish you all the best
  • wildlife
    wildlife Member Posts: 1,308 Pioneering
    @Aries, I am with you 100% as I too know I suffer from PTSD but at the age of 66 have yet to be properly assessed or diagnosed. This will be happening soon I hope. I had a session with my councillor of questions and answers regarding a bad car crash when he said there was some residual PTSD and I was screaming out inside wanting to tell him the real reason I suffer every day. It was son's not husband that caused this but still Domestic Violence I believe. It cut like a knife for my assessor to write 7 times on my report "she doesn't take medication for stress and anxiety nor have any specialist input". She had disregarded Amitriptyline on my meds. and 46 years of evidence on my medical records. Apart from the battle trying to turn this around they (ATOS/DWP) do not realize the extra burden they're placing on a person who is already using every oz of strength to stay calm even in normal everyday situations. Like you I also have physical symptoms from car crashes still being ignored just because my assessor chose to lie about my upper body strength. The PIP journey is horrendous and has set me back so much in my ability to go out of the front door alone or further than familiar territory with my long suffering hubby. But I have managed to get an award that is acceptable but only for 3 years so will have to repeat this process when it's obvious to anyone things won't improve. Saying that there's every chance I could overcome my many fears and phobias to some degree but PIP will not allow for that as I have to stay as bad as I can be to continue on the benefit. It's so wrong. Good luck to you in the future and hope we can change this disgusting way of treating people already weakened by their illnesses.
  • aries
    aries Member Posts: 46 Connected
    Hi Wildlife, this has not been diagnosed either. But as you say I'm a 100% sure. I'm waiting to receive more evidence from my consultant etc. I will then send it off recorded delivery for my Mandatory Request. 
    This journey is horrendous and it's taking it's tole. I'm trying to take the positives out of it, but there aren't many. As with yourself the lie's the assessor stated in her report were unbelievable. All of it was conjecture with no evidence based on her own bias opinions with no substantial proof?  She gets paid very well to do her job? There should be an element of professionalism however, I have not seen or experienced any from CAPITA or the so called health professional. 
    I understand you are taking it further and I do hope you get a just result. 
    This has been an emotional roller coaster and I am lucky To have a couple of very good friends to off load too. 
    Lets hope June 8th brings some much needed changes. I've worked all my life up until I had a heart attack I didn't choose this life, who would? But they make you feel your bad person for being unwell,disabled or experiencing mental health problems. 
    Please keep us up to date on your progress as I said previously it is inspiring and I wish you all the best 


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