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New Member, Chris_L

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Hi guys,
i don't think I suffer from 'shy' but I do qualify as the tallest person of small stature as I am 6" 4' tall and have SED, which, I'm told, only affects people with dwarfism. I have been disabled most or all my life. Now I can't drive, walk or leave my room in a care home. Not sure what else to say. I collect quality watches (automatics) and have had to leave my dogs and wife 9in no particular order!) in Bristol, some 20ish miles away and, as she and the dogs don't drive, we see each other rarely.

well, that will do for now.

should mention I have broken my glasses so typed by memory. 


  • Geoark
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    Hello @Chris_L and welcome to the community.

    Do you at least get to see your wife and dogs online? There are a number of programs which can do this that are free. I tend to use Skype a lot for this both at home and at work, we don't use phones at work any more everything is through skype. Picture quality can be a little poor at times.

    Hope you get your glasses sorted out soon.

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    Hi @Chris_L welcome to the community!
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