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is it pain

gemw Member Posts: 6 Listener
my 2 year old has cerebral palsy and its hard to no when hes in pain or if hes just upset as 99% of the time i put him down hes stiffening and cryin out in pain. he does have pain relief which is being increased gradually. however the professionals dont want to up it too much down too it making him floppy. i dont want him to be in pain though any advice much appreciated


  • forgoodnesssake
    forgoodnesssake Member Posts: 406 Pioneering
    This sounds very hard.  Does he have any speech?  If he is struggling with no communication it could be that it is not so much that he is in pain but that he is frustrated and using any method he can to try and communicate.  My son (athetoid CP no speech) used to do a lot of stiffening and crying when we tried to put him down and we were advised that it was him trying to communicate.  we were introduced to symbols and some signing when he was about 15 months and that started to help.  Sorry if i am way off beam here!


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