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Hi, my name is RAMC74!

RAMC74 Member Posts: 2 Listener
I am 43, a Mum to a nearly 15yr old daughter.  After being poorly since my Daughter was about 6yrs old, I was finally diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder in 2012 called Behcet's Syndrome or Behcet's Disease as it is commonly known.
Behcet's effects the blood vessels within the body causing them to become inflammed.  Any part or any organ can be effected, so it is a multi-systemic disorder.
Common symptoms are mouth ulcers, genital ulcers, inflammation of the eyes(uveitis), joint pain-similar to Arthritis, it can be very disabling, gut inflammation-mimicking IBS & Crohn's disease and memory loss.  There are lots of other symptoms as well.
My joint problems have caused me severe disability, I now rely on crutches to mobilise around the house and a wheelchair when I go out and about.



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