Fibromyalgia and chronic fatique - moving from work group to support group - ESA

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Ive asked for a mandatory move from work group to support group in esa ..
Ive now have to have anothe medical...
Reacently been diagnoised with chronic fatique and fybromyalgia 
Has any one had dealings withs any of this as in moving from work group to support group and dealing with fibro and chronic pain


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    Hi @nerys

    I'm very sorry that I haven't picked you up earlier !!!

    Welcome to our website and online community I do hope that we can help you !!

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    We have also got a Benefit Advisor who will be to assist you with your current situation.

     Please come back to me if you have any problems  !!!!

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    Hi @nerys I have moved your post to the Ask A Benefits Advisor category so I hope you can get some support soon.
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    Hi @nerys

    If you have asked for your claim to be reassessed (which it sounds like you have) then it is normal procedure that the DWP would send out a new ESA50 and then conduct a new medical - so nothing to be worried about.

    My only hesitation is the use of 'mandatory' in your post - do you mean you requested a Mandatory Reconsideration of the decision to place you in the Work Related Activity Group -i.e. you had a decision and you are appealing it? If so then the correct procedure is for them to send out a Mandatory Reconsideration letter so you can appeal - no further medical necessary.

    From your post I'm thinking it's just a reassessment as you talk about what appear to be new conditions, but let us know if I've got the wrong end of the stick!

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards,


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    Hi @nerys,

    Following on from the above advice on the ESA part of your message, with regards to fibromyalgia, have you had a look at our Dealing with Chronic Pain category? You may find this group interesting and useful.

    I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, then please do get in touch!