Disability and Work - is it reasonable to have to move to a new site 25 miles away?

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I have been employed by same company for 11years. I Have osteoarthritis. But manage my job with no issues. I do however struggle with travelling sometimes but as it's only a 3 minute walk followed by 15 minute bus then another 3 minute walk not too bad. 
They have announced hat in 3 weeks (was 6 but that was 3 weeks ago) we are being TUPE transferred with no redundancy option to a new company 25 miles away. This would involve my same journey ( we work next to train station) PLUS. 25/35 minutes on a train and s 45 minute walk other end or an hour (plus) in a car each way. I struggle to drive more than 20 minutes. 
My only option is to do the drive on a Monday morning, stay with relatives in the week, then drive home Friday. 
To me this is unacceptable?? Am I being unreasonable? Surely this is too much and they should consider my position?
this affects 50 of us and 5 have been given redundancy option as they have 'legacy' contracts which do not contain mobility clause


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    Hi, I was also in the same boat as you are now in 1998 when I suffered my Stroke at the age off 32. Then I was traveling from Birmingham to Stratford on Avon by car twice a day. I was also in a management role at the time I did have a lot off things too sort out in very to no time. I had already made my decision as I knew that it would be impossible for me to have to drive that distance every day/week.
     I would be fine in the morning but after a full day nobody would find me.
    Things were very very strained & the job was so stressful there was no way that I would have lasted 5mins at all. Yes the money was a very big loss but my health will always come 1st nowadays. Sorry for going "on & on" Have you looked at the help & info on the site ????
    Please please let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with ???
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    I would say it's unreasonable.

    Have you looked into whether Access to work would pay for a taxi for you? You have to pay the public transport costs for this.
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    Hi @Magicflo2004,

    I think you would benefit from some advice from ACAS. There's some information on their website about TUPE and they have a helpline too so you can get some advice specific to your situation. It does seem unreasonable to me so I think it's definitely worth speaking to them about this. 

    Has the employer made any reasonable adjustments taking into account your disability? 

    There is also EASS and they advise on issues relating to equality and human rights.

    It would be great if you could let us know how you get on with this because I think it will be really helpful for others who might be in a similar position.

    I'm happy to research this with you so please do keep in touch.

    Best wishes