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Hi, my name is polly_1960!

polly_1960 Community member Posts: 1 Listener
edited June 2017 in Start here and say hello!
Hi I'm new I never knew scope had these resources so after a visit from a scope collector a few days ago I've decided to sign up to your community in case in the future I need help with a claim or information on benifit as at present I'm on ESA im disabled with numerous ailments I have also had to fight 2 years ago to save my benifit so I think I'm In same boat as a lot of people on here waiting for the letter to have to prove again I REALLY am disabled with limited mobility  thanks for having me join scope 


  • steve51
    steve51 Community member Posts: 7,153 Disability Gamechanger
    edited August 2017
    Hi @polly_1960.
    It is very good to have you on board your story mirrors mine to date.
    Yes there seems to be lots off people on hear fighting for there Benefits.
    Please please let me know if I can help you???
    Welcome aboard !!!
  • Liam_Alumni
    Liam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 1,101 Pioneering
    Hi @polly_1960,

    Welcome to Scope's online community! It's great to have you on board.

    There's plenty of groups and discussions which you can get involved with, and with regards to benefits, you may find our Ask a Benefits Advisor and Talk about PIP/DLA categories of particular interest.

    If you have any questions. please do get in touch!
  • MikeBroderick
    MikeBroderick Community member Posts: 235 Pioneering
    Hi @polly_1960:


    As @LiamO_Dell notes, there are a lot of great groups and discussions here, so if you're interested in exploring anything beyond benefits, you can find them  on our Categories Page.

    Great to have you with us.
  • Angelfish285
    Angelfish285 Community member Posts: 4 Listener
    edited August 2017
    Hi @polly_1960
    Im also new on here and have had a lot of battle to get help.  I am esa (in the care group) which is important to get into if you are unable to work. For me I had two things on my side I had a brilliant advisor from welfare rights who sorted out any issues that came up with my claim.  I also had worked for dwp and had had to take on the esa department when people were having problems.  My advice is any forms you fill in for esa and pip you give information as if it is your worst day.  But also get any medical reports from consultants, gp therapist etc.  Get them together phototcopy them and send them in.  This gives them loads of info and gives them more of an insight into your disability.  Hope you get it sorted
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