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life/indefinitely means assessment every 3 years

Tephy Member Posts: 7 Connected
edited June 2017 in PIP, DLA, and AA
Hi, I discovered this site /area after being told I had to stop work for the rest of my life, and now find that due to government changes in policies for life/indefinitely means every 3 years. Also a condition that no specialist in the world has a cure for, the DWP seems to think might have " got better or been cured" by now as I have been claiming for about 12 yrs. Undoubtedly you will learn more about me over time, in the meantime ... "Hello all "


  • MikeBroderick
    MikeBroderick Member Posts: 234 Pioneering
    Hi @Tephy:


    When you can, please do share more about yourself and your interests and the kinds of information, discussions, and advice you're looking for.

    It's great that you're here!
  • steve51
    steve51 Member Posts: 7,154 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Tephy.

    It'great to meet you !!!!

    Yes yes I have got the T-Shiirt's

    Please please let me know how/what do you want talking first ?????
  • Tephy
    Tephy Member Posts: 7 Connected
    Hi, I found this interesting ... just had my capability for work questionnaire filled out over the telephone, when it came to medicines I said patches and the guy said" I'm not interested in patches" I tried to insist, and a lot of my medicines were not listed as he wanted to move on. Anyway I literally have just phoned back and spoke to someone and expressed my concern, I was told " I can't do anything no you will have to wait until you are called for an interview. " .. 2 things these patches are the highest strength buprenorphine ( opium/morphine ) patches you can get and they are a controlled drug, the police and airport security seem to think they are important, and the 2nd thing was why fill in the form knowing I was going to be called anyway? HASS ( the people doing the assessment ) seem to be ATOS but trading with a different name. I just thought someone might find it interesting!
  • steve51
    steve51 Member Posts: 7,154 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Tephy.

    "Well" Nothing surprises me anymore !!!!

     I have never heard about this being done over the phone before !!!!

    Please keep us apdated with events !!!!

    Yes those patches are very difficult to get hold of.

    It has taken me some time to get extra ones as you basically take two per week & I was only given one box per month.

    The boxes only hold 4 which only last two weeks.

    The downsides with them is that they have made no difference to my chronic pain !!!
  • Tephy
    Tephy Member Posts: 7 Connected
    OK about me 12 yrs ago I collapsed at work taken to hospital and was told I had to stop work. I ignored it I was/am a design engineer involved in the design/ manufacture of chassis for motor racing. I asked how long I had to stop work for, day, week month? when I got the answer I collapsed literally .. the answer LIFE ! I loved my job but being told that I could end up bedridden/paralyzed or permanently in a wheel chair stopped me. I went from being what I thought was perfectly healthy to having PA, AS, RA, diabetes, nerve damage and a few other minor things thrown in for good measure. At one point the pain was so bad I was begging them to amputate my left are just to stop the pain. Anyway life moves on and I was lucky my wife found a job with the government in Germany, where the treatments are so much better and advanced ( they were when I was there).Unfortunately we had to come back to the UK where my records being in German were shredded( told that by a German consultant working in the UK). I tried to be self managing in my pain and found that help is available in Wales and Scotland but not England where pain management/control is about 2 yrs behind, I also found it interesting that GP's get less than 1 day on pain during their whole training. A GP in Scotland discovered that disabled people leaving the forces were basically having to go back 2 yrs in their management/treatment  program, sorry I digress. Anyway today the my doctor told me I am not going mad but show all the signs of someone copying for  a long time with pain that has got out of control. He immediately changed my meds and things that I didn't know about and have been struggling for 10yrs with are now being put in place. I do get very angry and frustrated when I pay someone to do work and have to watch them do it wrong or knowing how to do it better bit just can't as my body is shot. In my head I am still 25 alas my body is 150. Well that's my story of what happened to me and where I am now.


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