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How do you support a young girl who cannot accept her relationship with a young man is over

help, my daughter is trying to fix her relationship by stalking, harassing the ex boyfriend. She is ringing, texting, messenging, involving others to try and make the boy go back out with her. 


  • Jgeek
    Jgeek Member Posts: 66
    Hey, oh dear, I remember it well- awful memories,  I am known for my degrees & tech job but when it came to boys I went  gaga! I'm not sure if your daughter is disabled but I am  and when relationships end I was  more concerned if I'd get someone to look beyond my differences again. I would try to show you understand how real it was for  her and allow her to talk about it. My dad always used to tell me never  to contact again, that was hard to take, if you've had a boyfriend you feel 'grown up' give her reasons why its a bad  idea and positives about what she can do now but give her the space to make that choice (even if it is gently guided by you!)  Finally if possible  keep  her busy, being in a relationship is a routine hard to break.  hope this helps I'm not a mum but I remember worrying my parents over  boy- think I still do! 
  • iza
    iza Member, Community Co-Production Group Posts: 581 Pioneering
    edited July 2017
    Hi @gemcastopaz
    I feel sorry for your daughter. 
    I will go straight to recommendation as what your daughter doing is going wrong direction. 
    I would like you to  follow one of the life social media strategist on FB. 
    Janine lost her love one too. After loosing ex-boyfriend who just walk away from her life she felt extremely depressed and suffer from anxiety and other symptoms of decreasing self confidence, believe and much more. Janine was advised to express her emotion in writing. She even was so in deep sadness that to  escape from loneliness she recorded herself on phone and than expressed all records into writing. One day she collected all her thoughts in one piece and wrote a book based on emotion. The book called "Everything"  you can find  it  here
    I met Janine in person over 2 months ago. Janine shared her brave life story with group of women during workshop. At the moment she is successful social media strategists. You can find more on Facebook here
    Janine said to us that loosing long standing relationship with ex-partner who broke her heart, than walked  away without much of explanation, lead her to where she is at the moment in life. She succeeded it was long process but is independent woman who coach others now. 

    Please let your daughter  to see FB of JANINE. Set the example to your daughter that  she deserve better than the boy she had.  The true love will come to her itself.  Chasing boy does not make a sense. It was not her destine. 



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