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I think my son has mild cp

rodaco Member Posts: 1 Listener

I've just joined this site as I'm becoming more and more aware of my son's gross motor developmental delay and have started to wonder if it could be mild CP.

My LO was a planned c section due to his older brother being an emergency C-section and everything went well without any complications however when he was 10 weeks old he developed a urinary tract infection which turned into sepsis.

Following on from this, he was delayed in meeting all of his milestones and could not sit up without propping himself up until he was almost 12 months. He is now 2.5 years and is a very sociable little boy who is interested in everything, with a reasonable vocabulary that he can now use to communicate. However, he drools a lot and his enunciation does lack clarity at times despite having improved enormously over the last 9 months.

He is now able to walk with someone holding his hand and can walk about 10 to 15 steps on his own, but these steps are v slow and every 3 or 4 steps, he has to steady himself.

I am wondering if these symptoms sound like CP and also if any other parents out there have experiences with children of a similar age they can relate.

My LO has been having physio, portage and speech therapy since he was 12 months, the first 2 of which I think have really helped. We have a meeting with the medical professionals who have been working with him in a few weeks, none of whom have mentioned CP and I'm wondering if I should raise it as food for thought.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.




  • Liam_Alumni
    Liam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 1,105 Pioneering
    Hi @rodaco,

    Welcome to Scope's online community! It's great to have you on board.

    I've moved this post into our Cerebral Palsy category, where other members of the community may be able to offer help and support. There is also a Parents and Carers category which you may find useful too.

    I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, then please do get in touch.


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