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A Comfortable Office Chair

Hi,  I have Cerebral Palsy Diaplegia  and have worked in an office environment for many years full time 35 hours a week I sit on an ordinary office chair which is absolutely fine.  During a conversation with my physio today she asked if I used an ordinary office chair as she thought that perhaps I would be more comfortable on a chair with a saddle like shape to it so that my hips would be in a better position. I.e. not rotated inwards.  (Does this make any sense)??  My question to you is are there any office chairs out there with a saddle like construction or that  would promote a good posture for people with CP?


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    Hi @Madtricyclist - I was just reading another post about this and found this advice from other members.

    @Ajk110 said:
    In many organisations, an occupational health budget of some kind exists to finance reasonable adjustments such as specialist seating. As for what to get, an independent assessment is crucial. One widely-used company that I know of, highly regarded for ergonomic office furnature and equipment is Posturite (www.posturite.co.uk)
    but do some research for others. Best of luck.

    @JayPee said:

    One of  the most common problems in an office is sitting and forgetting to get up or change posture etc.Depending on the size of your employer you could get 100% funding for a chair. They will send a specialist to assess your needs. 
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    Many thanks for your advice I will certainly look at the links you have given me.  My employer is very good reasonable adjustments and is keen to help me as much as possible so if I find a chair that I think may be suitable I shouldn't have a problem in getting an assessment.
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    @Madtricyclist  I would suggest getting the assessment done first. The assessment will include the type of chair you need, and if a specialist chair is required will know where to source this. If a non specialist chair is needed they will be able to advise what to look for to best suit you.

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    Here is my opinion about what is the right comfortable office chair*: A good comfy office chair is one that is adjustable and has a lot of cushioning. It's important to make sure that the chair is comfortable for you, because you'll be sitting in it for hours at a time.

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