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Hello I'm James and seeking your support

AutisticJames Community member Posts: 2 Listener
edited July 2017 in Autism and neurodiversity

Dear ALL,

Due to my ‘extreme’ negative experiences which is sufficient to proceed to the European Court of Human Rights to address several issues concerning the ‘Off the Scale’ aggression and a extreme emotional response towards me from ALL professional disciplines. During the application I would VERY much like to address additional aspects of the treatment of children, young people and adults within the UK such issues will include the following:

Delayed diagnostic assessment or providing an alternative diagnosis away from autism
Percentage of schools refusal to even consider a child might be autistic - instead excluding a child from school several times and eventually a permanently exclusion
Colleges refusing to provide academic support to diagnosed autistic young people - exceptions apply
Considerable amount of employers providing the opportunity of an interview even when you declare your disability even if you have actual experience of a particular job
Police, CPS, barristers / Solicitors & courts conspiring to ‘dispose’ autistic defendants to a psychiatric hospitals (directly or indirectly) depending on the circumstances
Total lack of support from housing, social services and social work teams aim to lower support needs to close files
Leisure activities whereby your child (any age) is not understood and made to feel uncomfortable? - experiences would be useful
The current restricting of benefits primarily affecting autistic young people and adults who are refused higher PIP / higher ESA benefits and forced to accept job seekers allowance when 95% of autistic people currently will never gain employment.
Currently PIP claimants are automatically refused at the initial application and after the support letter is provided, forcing the autistic person / parents to proceed to magistrates court to successfully claim the actual PIP award in 90%+ cases. Obtaining several thousands in a back payment simply makes it cruel to put a vulnerable autistic adult through unnecessary stress and anxiety for the sake that a few will give up?

Please if anyone as experiences of other issues affecting how autistic children, young peeped and adults are unfairly treated within ‘your’ society whether it is the UK or anywhere in the world comment below.

*When I say unfairly treated perhaps I should say ‘ignored’?

NOW - We Fight back for ALL autustic people



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