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Rheumatoid arthuritus and pain killers

Marley123 Community member Posts: 1 Listener
Hi I've just had a big toe infusion seeing as my arthritis destroyed my toe joint . I also need a knee replacement . And I'm in a lot of pain my foot is in plaster cast and I suffer with thrombosis I've not long had a DVT in the same leg and been on morphine on and off since last july with diazepam. I have an allergy to most pain killers on the market . As follows : pizotifen  Tramodol ibuprofen  citalopram diclofenic codeine co-codemol co- dridomol. I am in so much pain that I carnt sleep and now I'm told I carnt have morphine no more as I will need to have it on my next operation which is understandable.  But in the mean time they say take paracetamol  which don't work . I've tried ice packs for the knee I even elevate the knee at night I just don't know what to do any more my walking is very limited 


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