Do I get help with glasses and dental with lower rate PIP?

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Morning all I receive pip lower rate and was wondering do I still get help with my glasses and dental treatment please.


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    I've noticed that you've posted about this elsewhere on the community recently. You can see our Benefits Advisor's response to your discussion via. the Ask a Benefits Advisor category.
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    The following link will take you to the NHS Business Services Authority and explains in more detail the help available with health costs in England, Wales and Scotland.

    I hope this helps

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    PIP isn't an income based benefit; so you won't get nay help. You'd have to be on income based ESA, income based JSA, income support or certain elements of working or child tax credits to get help.
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    I have applied for pip twice and been turned down twice I have a heart murmur sinus rythym sinus tackycardia minor vessel disease starts of cataracts asthma diabetes ibs fatty liver disease 
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    Have you applied for an HC2 certificate ? for people on low income this can help to pay for things like dental treatment and glasses
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    I'm on lower rate pip will I still get help with prescription and dental care
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    I'm on lower rate pip will I still get help with prescription and dental car 

    No, unfortunately not. If you're claiming certain means tested benefits then you maybe entitled.
    If you're not then you can look at NHS low income scheme but you will need to fill out a form.