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I have a spinal cord stimulator and it is in my back I am in the midst of thinking about having the box taken out as I also suffer with arthritis in my back and was wondering if the stimulator is doing its job. I am in a lot of pain and in floods of tears. I don'the seem to be getting any where with the pain management team at the hospital where do I go from here need someone to talk to


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    You would have to discuss the stimulator issues with a specialist. The trouble with rare or unusual problems seems to be that the health service are more worried about possible 'being sued' repercussions than dealing with actual problems.

    It is possible to adjust your body to pain levels over time though much harder with progressive issues. A subject important to both the Pain Clinics and ourselves is 'Pacing'. If you haven't dealt with this topic with PC's before then try to now. You can reduce pain levels by only doing what you can manage. You will probably have to accept a lower standard of almost everything in your life and certainly ignore completely healthy peoples views regarding "standards of living" to do it properly but that is far better than living in torment. Every task I undertake now is done in stages with (at any given time) 4 or 5 of the more complex ones sitting part done for as long as necessary. If you live with other family members and they aren't happy about it then it's up to them to accept it or take up the slack themselves. Believe me, if the situations were reversed, they would be the first to stop.

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    How are you getting on @tinaann ?
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