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Applying For Jobs - Asking For Part Time Hours

Lou333 Member Posts: 1 Listener
I suffer from a mental health disability in the form of general anxiety.  I had a breakdown in 2014 and I have been trying to hold down employment ever since.  I was lucky to gain some work experience via the Jobcentre back in Feb doing some gardening work.  I discovered that I really enjoyed the work and the physical aspects of the job had a huge positive impact on reducing my anxiety.  I want to apply for horticultural related work in plant nursery/garden centre, however these roles tend to recruit people on full time hour contracts.  I am considering writing to prospective employers asking whether they would consider employing someone part time, on a two days a week basis.  However, I am not sure how to word my application.  I have the right experience and qualifications, I just need a lucky break to get my foot in the door somewhere.  Has anyone had experience of making a job application like this, or do you have any advice on how I could word my application? 


  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,676 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Lou333 welcome to the community, I am just chatting with a colleague who works in employment to see what their advice would be.

    @Debbie_Scope do you have any thoughts?
    Senior online community officer
  • garryurwin88
    garryurwin88 Member Posts: 2 Listener

    Hi Lou333

    Thank you for your question. I work as an employment and partnership advisor here at Scope. It’s great that you have found a career path that helps you. Finding which job is right for us is often the trickiest part so it is great you have made that first step.

    I did a quick job search and found that there are some part time roles out there. With the Christmas period coming up too there seem to be a lot of seasonal roles coming up, people need their Christmas trees after all. It might be worth having a look at these types of roles for now and getting the job on your cv. You also never know who you might meet and what it could lead too. I know people who have had short term employment or seasonal work and have gone onto full/part time roles. It's about that foot in the door sometimes. 

    In regards to your application it’s best to refer to the job description/person specification and talk about your previous experience. Have a look at what is required in the role and relate that to what you have done previously. Try to let them know what you can offer and show your passion for the role. In a cover letter, just be honest and explain that you are looking for part time roles, but try to be as flexible as possible. Remember to tailor your cover letter according to the role you are applying for.

    I hope this has helped somewhat. If you would like further support with employment you can contact our helpline on 0808 800 3333

    All the best with your job hunting


  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,676 Disability Gamechanger
    Thanks @garryurwin88 :)

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