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I have severe depression and ADHD. I had to make a rapid reclaim for ESA after a short period at work. I am getting my previous amount but had to send more evidence in. This was on 14th July. Six weeks or so more I called and it is still with a decision maker. I know i waited 14 weeks before 18 months ago! Is this a normal wait? Why so long? Plus a friend of a friend has become an assessor for PIP and ESA in Brighton. I don't wabt to bump into him or be assessed by him! Can you ask to go with an advocate out of area


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    When the DWP request more evidence they normally give you a month to provide it, but when it comes to them making a decision, it seems they take much longer! This doesn't sound out of the ordinary, but at this point you could try to push the process along. For example you could say that if you don't hear from them within the next 2 weeks (14 days) you will be making a complaint. If that doesn't work, you may have to start the complaints process formally.

    You would then have waited 8 weeks, which I think is (or should be) an unreasonable delay for the consideration of additional evidence. However, if they decide to ask you to an assessment, this can take a lot longer, because of delays with appointments (they can make a decision based on the paperwork alone, and this does sometimes happen).

    Regarding where the assessment takes place, there is no harm in asking to be sent to a different centre if you wish, and you are able to travel. However, I don't think you could insist on this. You could insist you are not assessed by this person, but I realise that doesn't entirely avoid the risk of bumping into him. Having said that, the assessment company should have a confidentiality policy (which you could ask to see) - the member of staff is almost certainly under a duty not to mention the names of people coming for assessments outside of his work.

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