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Hope this is the right section to ask this question

saphire_02004 Community member Posts: 1 Listener
Hi I am a new member so firstly thank you for adding me.
secondly I hope this post is allowed if not my apologies and please delete.
here goes 
i suffer with depression/anxiety and of work on long term sick .  I was referred to my occupational health who suggested I retire under ill health (this is not gauranteed it goes to a panel) I agreed because work was not really supported of my illness and I was really unwell having to attend work.  I have worked since I was 16 until present day 58.  Not in the same job. I have worked in my present pension contributed job for 13 years.
Im hoping if I get pensioned off I could move to Wales from Yorkshire. To be with my daughter who would care for me.   If I get my pension put a lump sum down and try to get a mortgage my question is has anyone with a disability been able to get a mortgage on benefits pip and esa, is there a specialist mortgage broker I would hope to put 20% down and get a mortgage for about 30000.  I have other disabilities as well.  At the moment I feel lost I have never not worked spent all my money on my children and there further education so don't have any saving and dont own my own home .  Thank you if anyone can throw some light in this mortgage milarky.. 
Thank you 


  • dogfather
    dogfather Community member Posts: 61 Connected
    Sapphire 02004 Hi welcome to the community, in your post, you ask about mortgages on ESA & PIP.
    First question are you in receipt of either of these benefits?  If you get these benefits how long is your reward for? 
    If you are successful in being pensioned of how large will your pension be from your current employer. If it's more than £85 per week, you lose 50p for every £ above the £85 from your ESA. PIP is not effected by pensions. Can you access any other pensions pots as you are now over 55? 
    I do not see why you can't use your pension lump sum (assuming you are pensioned)  of to act as a deposit for any mortgage. Obviously any mortgage company will take into account to work out if you can afford the repayments of a mortgage. They normally work on 3X you yearly income, the other thing they will  take into consideration is the length of time you want to take the mortgage. 
    If getting a mortgage is not possible could you possibly rent a house in Wales to see if you like it? 

    I have most probably clouded the picture abit more, I am sorry for that. You may need to wait until you hear the result of your ill health retirement before you can make these future plans. Once you have this info and you know your yearly income contact your current bank to see if they would be willing to give you a mortgage.I would also suggest you contact the pension wise service to get some impartial advice regarding what you can do with all your pension pots.  I wish you luck 

  • Matilda
    Matilda Community member Posts: 2,593 Disability Gamechanger

    You might want to re-post in Ask a benefits advisor category.
  • BenefitsTrainingCo
    BenefitsTrainingCo Community member Posts: 2,621 Pioneering

    I can't really answer as to whether anyone would give you a mortgage on benefits. That is more of a question for the mortgage providers/financial advisers. Dogfather has explained that your pension could have an effect on your contributory ESA.

    What I can tell you is that if you take out a mortgage whilst you are on income-related ESA, then you will not be able to get any help in paying it back from income-related ESA. It's not clear whether you are entitled to any income-related ESA - and to make things more complicated, you may not be entitled now, but you could be entitled once mortgage interest is included. Having said that, the government are changing the mortgage interest scheme for people on benefits to a loan system in April 18, so this may be a reason to avoid it!

    As you have no savings, and you may get PIP (I'm not clear if you are already getting this), you might be entitled to Housing Benefit if you rent (as well as your ESA), but I know that doesn't answer your question and I understand that you might want more security than renting offers.

    Unfortunately, the mortgage decision would be up to the lenders, so we can't really comment, but I would think about things such as, are you likely to be put in the support group for ESA? How likely are you to be reassessed (most people are, unfortunately)? What rate of PIP are you likely to get (my personal view is that PIP shouldn't be taken into account in a mortgage application as it's for the extra costs of disability, but I'm not a money adviser). 

    Sorry we can't help much on this one.

    The Benefits Training Co:

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