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Hiya....how are you! :)

ClydeBuilt Member Posts: 40 Connected
How do you answer that these days?
I tend to go for 'FANTASTIC'...never felt better! (with a beamin smile).
But NEVER ask how they are, because.....9/10 you will get snowed under with someone elses 'pity party'. Urinary infections, auntie Em's colonoscopy, the dogs new seat cover...you get the picture.

I have never been asked that by some one whe really meant it, the one who will reply "dont bullshot me mate" and really tryes to where you are at the time.Its amazing how all those close friends and tight family links fall away when you really, really need them innit?



  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,676 Disability Gamechanger
    Someone asked me the other day, I said "do you want the truth or a socially acceptable dinner party answer?" He said "Oh! The dinner party answer for sure!!!"  :D
    Senior online community officer
  • ClydeBuilt
    ClydeBuilt Member Posts: 40 Connected
    My worst reply was to the snotty Mildred enquiring about my mutts new safety coat, "Is he a hearing dog?"....."Nah I just use him for sex luv"      ba-doom!
  • CockneyRebel
    CockneyRebel Member Posts: 5,216 Disability Gamechanger
    We all tend to answer this way even when we visit our GP, duh ! if your are fine, great, fantastic , why the hell are you bothering your GP ?

    But seriously, if we do this when having assessments ie. answering in the positive
    Assessor : "Can you cook ? "  
    Claimant:  "Yes, but I need assisstance with............."

    You have already lost the assessor. They heard "Yes" and no more.

    Try answering to the same question
    "No, but sometimes if I have help ................"

    The assessor cannot immediately switch off with a yes answer and has to listen to your reasons.

    Try this in every day life, when asked a question say " No, but.......... "
    and see what happens


    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste
  • ClydeBuilt
    ClydeBuilt Member Posts: 40 Connected
    Did you see that TV crime series where a female copper got snagged in the system and met up with mutt & jeff the G4s type prison guards?
    It was hilarious and scary at the same time....
    If they could, they would ask the ATOS questions the same way.
    (Its was bbc thing I think, the policewoman was the girl from Spooks, Thandie Newton did one as well)

  • lavender
    lavender Member Posts: 29 Connected
    Signin my local chemist reads..?
    There are 3 stages of ageing?
    Youth,middleage,and My word you look well!!
  • kward
    kward Member Posts: 16 Listener
    i sometimes reply with do you want a list? lol


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