Discretionary Housing Payments

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I was recently told by my landlord, that my rent was going up to over and way above the amount my Council Housing Benefit will allow me.
The area I am has risen in price drastically over the last year and I am unable to find anything cheaper.
 I am also unable to move out of the area, as I rely on care from my family who live close.
The council have advise I apply for Discretionary Housing Payments. Which is given on a case to case bases and is temporary. (I won't go into how the council lied, told me they would cover my new rent and then let me down, after I am now signed into a 2 year lease I can't afford)

I have been given the form, but to say it is vague in it's questions is a understatement. Each question can be taken in 3 different ways.
I cannot get citizen advise on the phone and am up against the clock.

Has anyone ever filled one of these forms out before and has any tips?


  • cathie
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    My friend was giving me lots of advice on this as iv just been given one and told to take it to council after reading it .it apears they may not just pay for you and leave it alone as my pal says in to every aspect of your movements almost giving them self the right to take over how you conduct your issues and choose to deal with them  is no longer an option u are than told how that went You To do it  not a moments piece   she said almost feels like they  treat her as a person with difficulty    dealing with own affairs   special needs to be blunt ..so into am in two minds if I should deal  with own underpayment issues or  relay on them ad
    Asked questions like what have you done to try to find a smaller cheaper housing  need my dauggter only just moved out for first time ever if doesn't work out where will.she go . Bar bit to scared  to have them control my life ..but just one person's option 
    Only me .. cathie..