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My daughter with Aspergers

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I'm after some advice. My daughter is 19 and has been diagnosed with Aspergers. She has a small part time job on the weekends at our local supermarket. They're not being very supportive with her and, cutting a very long story short, it's to do with a disciplinary meeting they want her to attend with regard to some time off she had which they weren't happy about. She'd been off work with depression that was partly down to them and had to see an occupational therapist who, after seeing her for 30mins, decided she was fit enough to attend the meeting. Now,  they're trying to force her to attend a formal meeting about this holiday and, I've tried explaining to them that she has Aspergers and won't react well to being spoken to in a certain way and in a certain tone, not to mention being in s room with people.  I've printed out a copy of what happens when an adult has a meltdown but, any other advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi @VStar

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    Good afternoon @VStar
    Thanks for getting in touch. Your daughter's situation is unfortunately all too common. I think you may need to look into suggesting Reasonable Adjustments at her place of work. This could include specialist support for the upcoming meeting. I will link to a very useful video from the National Autistic Society which I think should help. reasonable adjustments - autism  The NAS are usually very good with support in these types of cases so I would definitely consider getting in touch with them too. Please do keep us updated and do not hesitate to get back in touch if you need anything else.

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