SSC1S1 dont have a representative at the moment

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Hi i have decided at the very last minute to go to tribunal the form has to be in by the 20th, the reason for the delay as been MH issues about my disability, just dont know if i can carry on its been along time getting to this point, i was awarded pip but mobility been reduced to standard. but thought i will try for tribunal but my question is i know i cant do this on my own but its asking me on the SSC1S1 form about my representative but i dont have one as yet only just decided to go for a tribunal if leave it blank will i not be able have anyone representing me at all, i am getting in touch with Fightforjustice to see if they will help only the form has to be sent tomorrow , if anyone can help


  • Matilda
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    In the 'representative' box put 'to be advised'.  I'm sure many people don't know who their rep will be when the SSC1S1 is put in.  If you are not sure, phone the tribunals service for advice.