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Jenny777Jenny777 Member Posts: 4 Listener
I suffer from PTSD due to long-term domestic violence. I had a relapse, the worst of the worst. My G.P referred me to hospital. At the moment I am on universal credit. I am under a lot of pressure from Job Centre to go back to work. I did the work Capability Assessment and they were so heartless and cold to fail me. The assessment was based on physical disability. I suffer from mental health problems. They are so cold, harsh and heartless towards people who suffer from mental health problems.

I need the benefit at the moment and that time to go to the hospital for treatment. I am not mentally fit to go to work.

Now, I do not know what to do. I cannot function without relapsing if I do not complete the hospital treatment.

I need help.

Any advice how I get help with benefit so that I can go to the hospital for treatment?



  • janice_in_wonderlandjanice_in_wonderland Member Posts: 265 Pioneering
    Hi Jenny
    I am sorry you are going through this...
    I can relate to it too - I'm in bed atm had a major relapse & unsure if I should be in hospital or not & having to attend appointments is hard bc I can't get to them too so I don't even go to the Drs bc I can't afford or cope with taxis... 
    I question why the Royal family are drawing attention to how mental health affects ppl when it feels like the gov are culling vulnerable ppl who are suffering in silent isolation  
    Good support workers & advisors who can rec charities are a step in the right direction... Turn2us might be worth trying... although it's DLA/Pip that is the benefit that affects Freedom pass applications...
    Hope you feel better soon & wish you all the best with your claims etc 
  • Jenny777Jenny777 Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Thanks, Janice for your reply.
    The borough I am is much worst. I recently joined a DV support group so that I can get out of the house. I got issues with social anxiety and social phobia.  There is no PTSD support group.
    If you can't go to see the doctor, call them, speak to them on the phone. They should be able to understand.
    The doctor can arrange for a support worker or a  care assistant or a nurse from mental health to do a home visit until you are well enough to come out of the house. They can even help you with shopping.

    I got a friend who had a relapse.She got a support worker to help her out.

    The doctor needs to send you back for counselling once you are able to come out of the house.
    By that time, let's support each other.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • janice_in_wonderlandjanice_in_wonderland Member Posts: 265 Pioneering
    Ah thank you Jenny I appreciate your reply 

    I moved a couple of months ago so that's what's holding things up atm 

    When I eventually got to the Drs to register I had my worst meltdown & not much can be done until I've had my 'first' appt but a help hub is getting the ball rolling 

    I'm so used to set backs & avoiding hospitals for a number of reasons I just have to let time pass & make sure I've always got food supplies in...
    being a tall slim intelligent blonde doesn't actually help.
    I always stay home unless I can face the world as & when bc I just want to be treated normal person which means I hide my health - why should we advertise it to be believed?
    Eat or heat is the current mission... luxuries are having enough fight to keep getting ESA bc DLA/Pip are even harder and affecting the whole economy but taking each second minute hour day and so on is the way fwds 
    keep on keeping on! ;-)  
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