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Hi, my name is PKSBaby_Mom! Need Help Navigating British Housing Market

PKSBaby_Mom Member Posts: 1 Listener
I'm a British mom that has lived in the OTs all my life. My son who was born over there (but is British) was recently diagnosed with the extremely rare Pallister Killian Mosaic Syndrome. This rare chromosome abnormality has virtually never been heard of most parts of the world and there is very little therapy or services available to my son as is, so he is severely developmentally delayed. Obviously I think it is best to move to the UK mainland where there is clearly a wealth of resources to help my son to develop which he deserves because bless his heart he tries! And for myself and my husband, I think we would benefit greatly from the support groups, events and other activities that make disabled children feel accepted and welcomed in society, unlike where we are where disabilities are so rare that they are stigmatized. I want to give my son the best chance for developing to his potential.  It hurts to hear there is no doctor that knows about his condition, he gets ills frequently and receives generic treatment but he shouldn't be treated differently because of his special difference.

I have been doing my research to make the move to the UK possible and I've been saving towards it, however, I don't know if anyone in this forum has ever done anything like migrate to the UK, even though British, it seems impossible to find housing for someone like me who does not have British credit history, rental history, references or a job in the UK as yet. I have been looking at job at online sites like Monster, but I am really wondering IF I would even be able to secure housing at all in the absence of the required documentation. I am a career civil servant, with years of service, renting history and impeccable character...just not in the UK. If there is anyone in here who may have encountered any challenge related to this. All of the rental sites I've seen rightmove, gumtree all speak about references and credit checks as necessary but obviously I don't have those things. Are there any other private rental sites for persons in different situations that aren't so hard? I just don't want to look at this as a road block and give up and allow my son to be condemned to a life of a sitting vegetable because there are no services available here for him. Please help if you can. 



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