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Anger issues since my disability

bevt2017 Member Posts: 324 Pioneering
Hi everyone
All my life I've had to fight, and now I'm just angry all the time.
Since up to the age of 18, when I got kicked out. I've had to deal with physical and mental abuse.
I had no friends or family to support me.
I never took any benefits, even when sometimes, I couldn't afford to eat.
I was 28 when I got married, and had 3 wonderful children.
When my ex husband left me, i went through a horrible time, dealing with the divorce, the house and the children. But I managed to find work, sold my house, and found a new home for my family.
It was only when I was struggling to pay the rent and council tax. The baillifs came and told me I need to get help.
I still didnt want to do it, but i had no choice.
2 years later I met someone, i got married and started to injoy life again (That was 10 years ago)
In june 2016 I became profoundly deaf, with other disabilitys.
And ever since its been a battle fighting PIP and ESA. 
I'm just so upset and angry all the time, and I'm not the person I once was.
I feel so founrable, and asking for help takes a lot out of me.
I hope that the hearing therapist ive been refered to. helps me try and deal with my anger issues, before it destroys me.


  • Pippa_Alumni
    Pippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,798 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @bevt2017, thank you for sharing this with us. It sounds like you've had to deal with a lot of things in your life and there's nothing at all wrong with asking for help: you're entitled to support and encouragement. 

    I really hope your referral to a therapist helps you, do you have an appointment date yet? If there's anything we can help you out with in the meantime, or if you'd like to talk more about your experiences, just let us know. MIND also have some great resources and information on anger that you may be interested in. Hope today is as kind as possible to you!
  • bevt2017
    bevt2017 Member Posts: 324 Pioneering
    Hi @PippaScope
    Thank you 
    Yes I do have an appointment with a therapist, 5 days before Xmas.
    To be honest I didn't even know we had hearing therapists. Sam from scope helped me to get in contact with Action on hearing loss. And they helped me to get reffered.
    I will check out the Linc on resources and information on anger.
    Thank you so much
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  • bevt2017
    bevt2017 Member Posts: 324 Pioneering
    Hi @DannyMoore
    Thank you for the information, I could of done with that today while I was out lol.
    My husband only takes me out twice a week. We missed monday, because he was busy chasing DWP about carrers. I was in a shop, and had to take the lift to the bottom floor (because I'm in a wheelchair)
    Every lift that came down, was full of people wanting to go up. By the time the 5th lift came full of people, I was steaming. Also a man had been waiting before us, with a baby in a pram. He just gave up and walked away. My husband just pushed his way in, so people would move. I saw people's faces giving my husband a dirty look. And that's when I started having a rant at them. (I'm still fumming)
    Good luck to you with P.I.P. I wish I would of took my doctors advice, about getting a professional to fill out the forms. It would of saved 1 year of hell. I made a diary of what tests I had, what doctors told me, what appointments, diagnosis ect. So if they ask you its there for you to look back on.
    Let me know how you get on?
    I wish you all the very best.
    And hope everything turns out ok
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