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Dangerous Useless GP

Elky1 Community member Posts: 15 Connected
Hi all, really depressed at the moment through my upcoming surgery and the puerile and unforgivable actions of my soon to be x-GP.

The surgery is to remove my shoulder replacement as it is causing me excruciating pain, then attempt to fit another one. It's a very big op so I need all the support I can get. (I have just found out my potassium is very low so I can't have the op till it's back up, hopefully before Christmas).

Approx two weeks ago I got a phone call from my GP, it started off about a problem with one of the many meds I take then he went on to tell me not to speak to any of his staff on Facebook or anywhere else.

I had a minor op on my leg and needed an appointment to get the stitches removed so I went into the surgery to book one to be told that there was no appointments for over a week which is too long in this case. The only remedy offered was for me to phone the district nurse and get her to come to my house! Correct me if I am wrong please but that would be a total waste of time and resources when the surgery could have squeezed me in at the end of surgery. Instead I went to the walk in centre and they were appalled at my treatment at the doctors surgery. 

Now back to Facebook and the phone call. The doctor proceeded to tell me that I had written about this to my friends on FB and I had no right to do that. He also said that at another time I had said I was thinking of changing doctors so, he said, I should go ahead and do that. You can imagine how gobsmacked I was! The really annoying thing is that he does not have access to my FB account but one of his phlebotomists did and reports back to him on what she finds. I assume that she must do the same with other patients. What really gutted me was that the female involved has been a friend and confidante for many years, now I know why. She shot herself in the foot though as she blocked me from her FB page moments after the phone call thus making it obvious she is as guilty as hell. I have made an official complaint to the surgery manager and waiting for the outcome before I go to the GMC to report him for that and his refusal to provide supporting evidence for my PIP Tribunal, his reason was that he is too busy and won't be supporting any of his other patients in the same position.

I am sorry this thread is so long but I think as many people as possible needs to know these underhand and probably bordering on illegal things are going on. 


  • steve51
    steve51 Community member Posts: 7,153 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Elky1

    Welcome to our online family !!!!!!!

    Don't worry about your long thread that's what we are all here for !!!!!

    Yes I had a simular experience a number off years ago now !!!

    Please please let me know if there is anything else that I can "help/support" you with ????? 
  • Elky1
    Elky1 Community member Posts: 15 Connected
  • aboora
    aboora Community member Posts: 11 Connected
    Hi steve
    Sori ur feelin so depressed.
    Hope you get ur op done asap.
    I am an avid campaigner for rights and injustices...
    Do u mind if i share your story on social media.....im refering to your post.......good luck op and hope your better for new year
  • Elky1
    Elky1 Community member Posts: 15 Connected
    edited December 2017
    @aboora I don't have any problem with you sharing it may help others. 
  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Community member Posts: 6,388 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello@Elky1 I am sorry you have a bad experience with your GP.  I understand and hope you get the right support you need.  I once only time had a really bad experience with a GP when I first moved into a community about twenty years ago.  It hurts and stings like hell when people are supposed to care and maintain your health and do not.  I have been ordered out of a doctors waiting room because he said nothing wrong with me.  Yet I knew I was ill and needed the doctors support.  Benefits was the same.  Struggled to understand why was this happening.  Found out a lot the community went else where.  This has all changed now moved to an area with a good support.  Excellent surgery and doctors.  Willing to help with anything to benefit my wellbeing and health.  Especially this year regarding ESA and my mental health.  I hope and pray you find solace and get want you need for yourself.
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  • Elky1
    Elky1 Community member Posts: 15 Connected
    It turns out that my doctor is also a lawyer and his office is the surgery! No wonder he doesnt have time for his NHS patients. 
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