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The use of an individuals name?

lonewarrior Member Posts: 23 Connected
Hello violet,Could I ask a seriouse question regarding using your name to promote autism awareness, I used your name while describing my epiphany on a public forum. I have since been told I broke two rules, Can I ask if it is ok to state your name in such a way. I saw your story on face book, put there by scope. For all to see. Public.and seen by thousands. It changed my life by reading your journey, I am awaiting diagnosis for Aspergers.
I understand rules regarding the placing of personnel information on public sites, I agree, but there are other names that are allowed to stay. Mostly book writers and film makers.
Could you maybe tell me how come those names can be freely used and yours cannot?
I struggle to see how your name can be on face book and here(public)but not on a forum for autism. Then four other private names can be used?
many thanks, I continue to help as many newcomers to the other forum as I can, this is all thanks to you telling your story to so many.
your message continues to be helping.


  • VioletFenn
    VioletFenn Member Posts: 124 Pioneering
    Hi, @lonewarrior - I missed this when you posted it, so apologies for the late response.

    I have no idea who told you it was breaking the rules to use my name, but it absolutely isn't! Honestly, you can write my name on a banner and fly it from an airplane over Parliament if it helps in any way whatsoever  :D 

    You are absolutely right - my name is all over Facebook, this forum and everywhere else on the internet. I'm a freelance writer myself (I volunteer here in my spare time, I don't 'work' for Scope) and my name is my business - I'm not remotely private about it.

    I'm sorry you've been hassled about this, because you absolutely shouldn't have been. And I'm thrilled that I've been of help to you in some way. 

    Thank you SO much for bringing this to my attention - I had no idea and am genuinely appalled. My name is mine to do what I want with, and I hereby give you (and anyone else on this forum) full permission to share anything I have posted publicly wherever it might be of use.

    All the very best :)

    ASD advisor, Scope

  • lonewarrior
    lonewarrior Member Posts: 23 Connected
    Thank you so very much for saying all those wonderful things, I was very upset by the removal of your name by the moderators, it was a key element in my story,my epiphany,my personal out pouring,
    And then to receive an email saying I should not post personal information such as a name just hurt me so much,
    I am self diagnosed Aspergers, doing the aspie quiz scored me 190/200, I know it is only an indicator but talking to those that are diagnosed formally it is quite an accurate test!
    I do break the stereo typical belief of aspie man however as I have deep emotion and sensitive to others feelings,I connect with women so well? Ongoing research on my part, I am a conundrum!
    I digress,as usual,,,,I wrote to the moderators saying your name was everywhere and that you were a freelance journalist, it made no difference, your name is considered personal and therefore not allowed, so the names allowed are.
    Tania Marshall.
    Laura James.
    Cynthia Kim’s.
    Tony Attwood.
    All clearly mentioned on posts directly above mine and quite right they should be there, they were important figures to those looking for answers or guidance,understanding.

    I am not angry,,just sad that the NAS cannot see how important it is to get the message out there,
    I would like to say you changed my life so much. I now know who I am, I was a lost soul,an automaton exhisting to just get by.
    never understanding that I was not alone in my thoughts. Being able to see I am not an alien,

    Thank you and can I please offer you a virtual hug? 
    Something I can now do in reality but never have before, Real hugs I mean, I feel able to express my true self, stop acting, no more chameleon adapting to fit everywhere.
    ( ) “an aspie hug!

  • VioletFenn
    VioletFenn Member Posts: 124 Pioneering
    Firstly, I'm genuinely thrilled to have been some help on your journey so far - let us know how your diagnosis journey goes!

    This is all very strange. I can't imagine why NAS would be so concerned for my supposed privacy, unless someone at their end has simply misinterpreted their own in-house rules on such things. Can I ask specifically where you'd posted the comment they were so concerned about? 

    ASD advisor, Scope
  • lonewarrior
    lonewarrior Member Posts: 23 Connected
    Hello violet thank you for understanding, I am still struggling to understand why using your name was considered wrong, If you had been a private individual I met on here I would never give out your name, it seemed relevant to me to tell how I found your story so life changing, my epiphany.The post I wrote is in the place as follows-Community-Forums-Autistic Adults,
    It has the full title of “What was your Epiphany?How did you know/think you were ASD?
    It has had 983 views and 50 replies, I posted on it yesterday to bring it up higher in the listings of most recent, 
    I know that NAS is a charity and the work they do is very important, I also know how hard the moderators work, having been a member for quite a few months.
    The people who join are often confused or desperate for help, I am of coarse talking about adults, we as a community do our best to help or answer if we can, It exhausts me, I eventually have to switch off as I cannot help everyone, I know it isn’t my place to do this,but if we don’t nothing seems to happen, The NAS team rarely come on to help,if they do they just quote resources to try.
    I love the sense of community there,I just feel we are using a room that belongs to someone who just looks in on the odd occasion to check it hasn’t been wrecked.
    Thank you again, I do not wish to upset the staff, it is just how I see it, maybe my aspie perspective is wrong?


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