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teighanteighan Member Posts: 15 Connected
Hi,I have fibromyaliga, cfs,and arthritis in my hands .I'm finding things difficult to manage at home ,getting in out the bath also balance problems ,where can I go to help with aids in my home ,thankyou 


  • TeddyloTeddylo Member Posts: 23 Listener
    Hi teighan, I got help by phoning my local occupational therapy department, I had to wait about 6 weeks on a waiting list but I had similar problems osteoarthritis in hands spine hips knees & feet. They can help with electric bath chair, extra bannister rails, raised toilet seats, bed rails etc. Anyone can contact them for an assessment so its worth getting onto the waiting list now.
  • Pippa_AlumniPippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,851 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @teighan, and welcome to the community! I've moved this post to our Ask An Occupational Therapist category, where there will be an advisor better equipped to advise you on this.
  • Jean_OTJean_OT Member Posts: 528 Pioneering

    Hi @teighan

    Welcome to the community!

    I assume that your GP is already aware of the balance difficulties you mention but if not, or if they are worse than previously please do speak with a doctor to ensure they are aware of what is going on. Balance issues need to be taken seriously and sometimes require a medical intervention.    

    With regards to getting adaptations or equipment at home, as @Teddylo has already stated, you will require a needs assessment by an Occupational Therapist (OT) from your local authority. If you are struggling to find the contact details for the correct team your GP Receptionist should be able to assist you or alternatively if you feel comfortable telling me which council area you live in I can look the information up for you.

    Unfortunately, @Teddylo experience of having to wait for an assessment is not unusual. So, in the meantime please be careful not to take any unnecessary risks as balance difficulties can so easy lead to serious injuries from falling.

    Best Wishes



    Jean Merrilees BSc MRCOT

    You can read more of my posts at: https://community.scope.org.uk/categories/ask-an-occupational-therapist

  • teighanteighan Member Posts: 15 Connected
    Hiya,thanks for the replys ,I'm in ulverston cumbria 
  • mossycowmossycow Member Posts: 495 Pioneering
    Hi there, I was in a similar situation and have come out the other side of it so to speak.

    I called my local council and asked to speak to the occupational therapist, I explained I was disabled and needed some help in the house 

    A little wait later I had a lovely lady come round and gently see what difficulties I was having. She had some good ideas. I think at that point I was 8n denial.... As I kept saying 'I don't need a different a bathroom or a stairlift... Anyway, at that point I had help by borrowing 2 really good bath seats, had handles put on the wall. I borrowed an electric thing that kind of lowered me into the bath... She also suggested stuff I bought with my PIP money like an electric pan 8 can use sat at the table.

    Well. This spring I realised I didn't have enough help so I called up again. This time Ruth came out and she first talked about moving to a bungalow.... She listened to my needs and my family needs... I don't want to move. So! We started operation 'make things better and stay in this house'! She is fab and was a little more persuasive at how much easier life would be with a different bathroom and stairlift. 

    This felt massive at the time... But she guided us through everything. She came out again and we made decisions. I needed a bathroom I could access, clean easily and be safe in. I was also not managing the stairs so I agreed (reluctant at first... But now I love it!) to a stair lift. 

    Then another lovely lady came over to help us with a Disabled Facilities Grant. I answered questions about our income, had to show her our bank account. Basically they work out how much all the work will cost and who will do the work. Then work out how much we can afford to contribute based 9n any income and savings. We have no savings, I can't work, my husband keeps us in the black working for a charity. We found the amount to be affordable and about 8% of the total cost. The rest is paid for on the obvious condition that I am going to live there for over 10 years.

    So then we had a wait. And they organised everything. We had an exciting meeting with contractors where we chose colours and could add on certain things. For example, we paid for them to make 4th wall match the 3 walls council were paying for. And for a new ceiling and radiator as we had some time to save up

    We were given dates and had a busy week where lots of people came to transform our bathroom 8nto a sealed shower room with loo and basin etc and put in the stair lift. It was like a TV show it was such a fast transformation. 

    And now it is amazing. I can shower by myself, safe and in less pain. It's easier to clean and nicer to be ill 8n. Stairlift has changed my life as I have a 2 floor house again. I can get washing myself, pop my daughter into bed... 

    It was not as stressful as I thought and I felt in control of my house. Ruth came out several times to make sure my needs were met and frankly she is top of my Xmas card list!

    This may not need the road you wish to go down, 8 was reluctant at first, but I just wanted to describe exactly what it felt like from our point of view

    Hope you find some good advise towards an easier  life! 

    "I'm trying to live like a random poem I read that ended 'to bloom where we are planted"

  • teighanteighan Member Posts: 15 Connected
    Hi,thanks for the information, so do I ring the council to ask for occupational therapist? X
  • Jean_OTJean_OT Member Posts: 528 Pioneering

    Hi @teighan

    "so do I ring the council to ask for occupational therapist?"

    Yes you can find the contact details you need here:


    Best Wishes


    Jean Merrilees BSc MRCOT

    You can read more of my posts at: https://community.scope.org.uk/categories/ask-an-occupational-therapist

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