Cerebral Palsy
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meltdowns and walking

sunshinysunshiny Member Posts: 7 Listener
Hi im totaly new to this.. So i hope i make sence


  • Pippa_AlumniPippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,851 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @sunshiny, what can we help you with? :)
  • sunshinysunshiny Member Posts: 7 Listener
    Hi pipa
    You've read my meltdown and walking,i just wanted to know my son school physio still wants to take the wheelchair off me on the grounds that  he does not use it in school and is only useing it on transport which "I" am stopping him from being more independent but then said when this does take place then wheelchair sevices(also at school) will have the right to take wheelchair off me on the gounds that he is not useing it for 5days in a row,when i pointed out but when he comes home i still need to use it her reply was you can try and say for exceptionally long distances(not wanted to watch any of my video evidence when my son has refusal episodes or meltdowns because he's not like that in school!)but your going to have to deal with that once it happens..... The school do not want to acknowledge anything with home and its so difficult for me as the only thing i have in our defense is that im his mum and i know exactly what he is like at home.... Physio is also refusing to watch videos of my son having cramps in his legs... I dont know what my rights are or who i can get (professional) to help voice/stand by me and defend my case. Please help as i feel so stressed about all this... Life will be extremely difficult without his chair his only six and does also have developmental delays aswell.
  • sunshinysunshiny Member Posts: 7 Listener
    Hi..o deary me... Iv just relized meltdowns and walking only my first sentance got posted
  • sunshinysunshiny Member Posts: 7 Listener
    My son been walking for just over a year now WOW!..love it.... But since has started to have meltdowns.  He'l come home from school and have a meltdown will be over anything from his breakfast not being how he left it in the morningto something like i want to be 10 then he will cry scream throw things and alot of the time hit me or his sister this will go on for minimum two hours ,when we go out he wants to know where were going and what order and will get deeply upset if i get the order wrong,i can never change my mind because he will have a huge meltdown and say but you said we were but wont acept it. I take him out with a wheelchair i normally let him walk once we're at our destination because even though when you ask him about road safty and any dangers he'l answer correctly like he totally understands but in practice will just go running, strange thing is even though when someone his not firmiliar with is with me he he totallw quite. He has refusal episode to walk some times because he doesn't want to leave or because he wants me to pick him up (which i cant do at all, hes way to heavy for me) iv tried talking to his school and let them know how he is at home... All i got back was"well his not like that in school you must be mothering him!ive now stopped telling teachers because they kept dismissing me like im a over exaggerating parent,they even had me thinking is it me...which i feel is so unfair is there anyone that has gone through anything similar.
  • sunshinysunshiny Member Posts: 7 Listener
    Hi @PippaScope
    Sorry i didnt relize that i had to put @ in front of your name.
    Do you have any advice for me for what iv written about my son wheelchair and school not wanting it on transport , i feel they are going to corner me in way that i agree for the transport but then later have wheelchair service take it off me and the schools going to say sorry we feel your holding him back,please repond since school have metioned this iv been trying so many time  withou the wheelchair and its so hard my son is runny off,i cant even get him to look at toys as he just wants to run around and its impossible for me to actually shop also noway can i hold any bags my hands have to be free to hold and run after him.

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