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Hi, my name is Nomanoba!

NomanobaNomanoba Member Posts: 5 Listener
I'm a high functioning totally passive autistic male.  I lived in confusion and various mental states of disarray til the age of 28 when I first learnt of my condition.  Due to my passivity, I adapted my personality that I might live an NT life.  Since April I have been a head injury savant, which although looks like a further complication, has in fact revealed how we work and has led me to construct management programmes for autistic adults.   I am not a calendar type savant, more so I can data crunch personalities, which has made me very confident with people.  I seem to have an answer for every social problem, but I am aware of my delusional capabilities.  Since April I have gone from someone who could play chopsticks on a piano to grade ten, and from a three chord guitar player to virtuoso level.  I have also invented many green energy machines which are being assessed for production.  I am obsessed with the human condition, and have burning desire to bring peace into everyone's lives.


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