Autism and Aspergers
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autism and school

mariuszpmariuszp Member Posts: 4 Listener
hi I am father of 7yo boy with the autism spectrum and with lots of problems with his school just try to find the answer if they aloud to do it to him 
all days he is spending in separate room he is not aloud to go outside when is the play time with other kids he is eating lunches in this room he is not aloud to go for swimming lessons only if we go with him now he is not aloud to go on the day trip because I can not go with him he is on EHIC school don't do nothing when we complain he is not the danger dog to be locked in the room he is afraid boy with autism any idea what we can do ?


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  • mariuszpmariuszp Member Posts: 4 Listener
    hi would like to have a friend's when the 2 boys from our neighbour coming to him they can play well together he was ok up to year 2 and from beginning Year 3 the all problems get much bigger this is hard when he was crying today when he heard my conversation with his teacher he ask me why they don't won't him on the trip he love stones plants and this trip will be all about this what I should to tell him 
    the teachers get the autism alertness course not to much in my opinion but maybe I am wrong.
    when he is with us we never have this same problems with he has in school they make all what he done much worse then really was .
    I don't won't to complain I just would like to my son  to have this same opportunities like notdisabled child is it to much if he has TA all day why (if they understand him ) he can not go outside why he is afraid when he is going to the school he is litle boy why for 3 years in school he was doing so much more and this year he is not aloud and why the head teacher really like to get rid with him from school now when he get all this support 
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  • RosiesmumRosiesmum Member Posts: 76 Connected

    Hi @mariuszp it might be worth asking for a meeting with the SENCO (are they still called that?) I had similar problems with my son in mainstream at the same age.

    Keep the lines of communication open between yourself and school, I  had to use  the parent partnership for help at times, do you know if you have one in your area? They are usually listed on the local authority website. They can support you in meetings with the school.

    Go through his EHCP to make sure all is being implemented as it should be for example how many hours support he gets.

    You can get in touch with your officer at the LEA (local education authority) you should have a named person who completed the EHCP with a direct telephone number to ring. They are usually very helpful .

    Good luck I have been there and didn't want you to think you are on your own. There are many great resources out there now but unfortunately no one tells you how to access them sometimes.

  • GeoarkGeoark Member, Scope Volunteer Posts: 1,373 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @mariuszp and welcome to the community.

    The short answer is no, schools have been successfully taken to tribunal for a lot less.

    While there is some good advice above you need to be well informed on these issues if you hope to help your son get the education he deserves. I appreciate you don't want to go as far as making a complaint but you don't know your rights then you are starting from a point of weakness.

    My go to site when my autistic daughter was at school and when I was a school governor was It also has an advice line where you can discuss what is going on and they can advise you the best way to approach the problem.

    As an individual I stood alone.
    As a member of a group I did things.
    As part of a community I helped to create change!

  • RosiesmumRosiesmum Member Posts: 76 Connected

    IPSEA were an absolute godsend to us too @Geoark . Are you happy that the school is able to meet your sons needs @mariuszp ? This may have to be asked as if the school have put all the support in place suggested by the EHCP and it still isn't working a change of placement may suit him better.

    That's a whole other issue but hopefully working together with the school and LEA,you will be able to get your son the education he needs.

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  • RosiesmumRosiesmum Member Posts: 76 Connected

    Hi @DannyMoore it's nice to 'meet' you.As a parent  of a young man with Autism,it has been very interesting for me reading your posts as my son rarely talks about these things

    .He has just left school in September so we are adjusting to a new schedule/life  which has been fun!

  • mariuszpmariuszp Member Posts: 4 Listener
    hi all 
    thank You for advice we just have a meeting in school with was going well until the head teacher started his song we can not help him he need professionals we are not prepare for kids like Your son and then we just can not listing this any more if the educational philologist say that he will be fine if the deputy from special school say he will be fine if the lady from local council say he will be fine we put more money if necessary   then the head should just listing and do the best for this boy and help him what is wrong with the system why they just wont help him we are feel like we can not fight any more we started when he was just 2 and we hitting the concrete wall every day how long we just ask for this what school have to do it 
  • RosiesmumRosiesmum Member Posts: 76 Connected

    Hi @mariuszp it's frustrating I know.It sounds like you would like him to continue there supported and the school are saying they cannot meet his needs,does that sound right? If the lady from the council (LEA) says they should be able to and the lady from the special school does then it's really an issue between you and the school as he will not be offered an alternative placement if wanted until the LEA agree with the school.

    The school has said they can't meet his needs but at the moment ,the LEA and the other lady (I presume she is an autism advisor brought in for advice) say they can,I would next approach the governors of the school to see if they will help.

    There is usually a governor specifically for inclusion or special needs.They may be able to help you.

     I may be wrong and someone will come along I'm sure and correct  me if needed but there are laws that must be followed so the school cannot just opt out as it were. As suggested get in touch with IPSEA and see if your council has a parent partnership service available.These services will give you more up to date advice as my son is a little older now and things may have changed a bit!

    I'm sure there's an EHCP advisor on here somewhere as well I'm new to the site myself and cyber challenged (useless on computers!) so hopefully someone will pop a link on here for you to follow.

    I just didn't want you feeling alone,many of us have been through just the same challenges with our children especially at the age your son is now when it all gets a bit more complicated and I have experienced the feelings you are having now.

    National Autistic Society have a dedicated phone line too for school issues.

    Best of luck with sorting it out for your little man

  • mariuszpmariuszp Member Posts: 4 Listener
    we are just little in this big machine he is very intelligent boy so even when his not learning it is more then enough for him if this have sense maths English no problem the problem is his anxiety and the school manage to press the button not sure why how this happen but it happen the head choose to go easy patch exclude him from everything lock him in this room and  complain about his behaviour  we just know that he will have a big problem with move to another school his so routine boy hope he will be fine after brake and head know that we will be fight for him so he will give up and just help him to settle in school hope died last 
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