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home school child with autism

muna Member Posts: 1 Listener
what are the policy in terms of, if an individual decides to private/home school their child with autism and not planning to ask for financial support. is there a policy regarding this


  • Geoark
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    Hello @muna  and welcome to the community.

    As long as there are no protection issues already in place there should be no problem in choosing to home school.

    If your child is already in school the school will need to let the local LEA know that you are going to be homeschooling your child. They cannot stop you without good reason. You should write to the head teacher and let them know you plan to home school your child and from what date.

    The LEA has a responsibility to monitor your childs education and offer some support.  In our case when we were home schooling our daughter we never heard from them. However I do know others who have to show what their children have been learning.

    You do not have to follow a set curriculum, but should be able to demonstrate what your child has been learning, and provide some evidence. 

    If your child is used to going to school it will take time to de-school them, in that lessons don't have to be at set times, or in a set way. We used work sheets, books and a range of activities to teach our daughter maths. Plus it is possible to mix different 'subjects' into one activity. We used cooking to teach maths, follow instructions, science, risk and time management etc. Buying the ingredients helped her to learn about money, reading, and other useful lessons. With something nice to enjoy at the end.

    We were also able to help her use visual planners to plan her work, organise her thoughts and produce decent essays.

    If you are interested I can give you some links to resources and to parents who are homeschooling.

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  • Pippa_Alumni
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    Hi @muna, and welcome! Just to add to the above, the gov.uk website has some information about the home-schooling process. Best of luck!
  • jan_dale99
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    Good luck with home schooling Im sure its the best choice. I wish I had home schooled my son but was persuaded to send him to high school (as he is academically able) but it caused him so much anxiety he almost had a nervous breakdown!! You spending 1 to 1 time will be beneficial as long as you go out and about for social experiences etc. All the best and let us know how it goes!!


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