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Wife lost DLA and scored 0 on PIP

gjaggersgjaggers Member Posts: 7 Listener
edited December 2017 in PIP, DLA and AA
My wife has been on full enhanced DLA (promised for life) for both care and mobility suffering from a combination of physical and mental health problems, has a brain tumour and suffers from seizures. She submitted medical evidence going over 33 years from top specialists diagnosing all relevant conditions. Scored “0” points on PIP first assessment and “0” after mandatory reconsideration. Tribunal next. 

Honestly, people, it’s clear what the government is doing. “0” points for everyone and no benefits except for those who have the mental and physical strength and support group to take things to the tribunal. That is the situation we all have to face. 

I actually believe that the DWP are guilty of FRAUD by stopping DLA to people they have repeatedly promised to pay it to over several years. 

I have contacted THE PUBLIC LAW project on this point with a view to challenging the legality of stopping DLA. 

I would also recommend “benefitsandworks.co.uk” for some great background advice. 

Hunker down for a long hard battle against a totally uncaring set of so called “Health Professionals” And DWP hiding behind them. 

It’s a disgrace. 



  • steve51steve51 Member Posts: 7,175 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @gjaggers

    Welcome to our online community.

    I’m very sorry to hear that you are another victim in the “pip” process.

    You will find many members on here in the same situation.Please please let me know if I can help you in anyway??????
  • debkenzodebkenzo Member Posts: 110 Pioneering
    Hello Gjaggers
    My name is Debbie and I totally understand what you are saying.  I am in the process of waiting for a tribunal date, i will fight this to the very end.  The DWP are fraudsters and I do not know how they sleep at night.  What do they see when they look into the mirror?  My medical assessment was a shambles. Many lies, inaccuracies, discrepancies and contradictions. My next battle is to complain about that but first i need to get the tribunal over with.  Only have energy for one thing at a time.  I have so much medical evidence and consultant report etc etc and all of it was ignored, even at the Mandatory Reconsideration stage.  This situation cannot continue the way it is and so one day it will be stopped.  
  • gjaggersgjaggers Member Posts: 7 Listener
    Hi Debbie - us little people stand no chance against the might of the DWP doing their disgusting thing. 

    You have a 50/50 chance (probably 100% chance if genuine which I’m sure you are) at tribunal as I think they are independent. 

    Good luck and make sure you’re fully prepared and with proper support. 

    Take care. 


  • debkenzodebkenzo Member Posts: 110 Pioneering
    Thank you Graham.
    I was in a complete state of shock, a total wreck.  It was the Citizens Advice people who have helped to pick me up and put me on the right track.  I would not have got this far without their help.  I am truly grateful to those wonderful people.  Us little people combined make one huge person and we must not allow this system to win.  Tribunals are independent and are a fair system that i trust and am not afraid to attend my hearing.  Nervous but not afraid!!  They know what is going on and can see through the lies and deceit.  I feel a sense of reassurance because they are not connected to the government!  
  • gjaggersgjaggers Member Posts: 7 Listener
    Well done Debbie - sounds like you have a limited support group. I feel for you. If I wasn’t around and my wife had received her 0 point letter alone,  she might easily have committed suicide or at least taken to her bed for several weeks. 

    Dont trust too much. Just be fully prepared and you’re very brave to go - I hope you have someone going with you. 

    Take care

  • debkenzodebkenzo Member Posts: 110 Pioneering
    Hi Graham.
    Yes i have a very good friend who is driving me to the hearing and will sit in with me.  I do have limited support and i have done everything up to now within my power to fight these low-lifes!  I am determined.  Will not give up!  I can truly relate to the mention of suicide, the thoughts did go through my mind many times at the  start of this nightmare. I googled the PLP, sounds amazing and will look further into this.  I wish you and your wife the very best of luck and justice with everything.  :)
  • gjaggersgjaggers Member Posts: 7 Listener
    Thanks Debbie and ditto x
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